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We are working on a webpage, the main feature of which is a memory game, where the object is to remember a string of up to 7 numbers (and a symbol, a raindrop). The string of numbers will be displayed for a fixed amount of time, before being hidden, and the player will then need to enter the numbers they saw using an on-screen keypad. The numbers get harder to remember as the game progresses and the player's level increases.

A screenshot below is a concept that we knocked up. Don't be held back and come up with your own ideas.

The theme of the game and site is based around water, and the player's progress must be tracked in terms of rain drops, so every time the player remembers the numbers correctly, they add X raindrops to their total. We are envisioning a rain cloud to partially filling a water container with rain drops everytime someone wins the game, but as long as we are showing raindrops being collected, this could be shown differently.

The game needs to display the following elements:

- Player's current level (A number from 1 to 100)

- The number of raindrops the player has collected (Could be a very large number)

- An image representation of the user collecting raindrops when they get the answer correct

- An image representation of the amount of water collected in total

- A keypad, with the numbers 0 to 9, a raindrop symbol and an "Enter" button

- Space for a text entry. This is where the numbers will show as the user enters them on the keypad

The final files should be in edittable layered Photoshop format so we can change the copy if desired (this if for use on a PC not Mac). We will be slicing up the photoshop files to put it into our HTML/CSS and our game.

Please feel free to ask me lots of questions - we are very friendly!



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