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Creative Brief

Who are you?

TheGroupDrink is a software as a service website that allows consumers and everyday people to create a drinking group with their friends to go for drinks on a certain day or time. When they create a group, they can choose the details of where they want to drink. On the other side of the consumer are the actual bars that the group wants to have a drink at. The bars are able to interact with the groups via chat or message and offer specials to that group. Although drinking is the ultimate idea, I still want to keep the website looking credible and stylish. I want it to come off as legitimate and modern. I also want it to be simple to sign up and easy to use.

What do you need?

I am looking for a web 2.0 site that is very simple and easy on the eyes. On the main page I want a login area with username and password as well as a an area for new users to register on the main page. Below the fields for a new user to register I want it to say "Are you a Bar looking to register? Click Here" in a small link.For the main page there is a description, slogans and other information in word document attached. I want the website to be clutter free with only the very important items on the main page. I would also like small pictures that will easily show New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago that will be clickable eventually so a user can be directed to the city they are looking for drinks in. The "Me" page will have a main picture of the person as well as some questions underneath the picture. Questions are located on the word document. Also, on all pages except the main page I want room on the left side of the page for one long vertical banner and on the right side for multiple bar logos. Similar to http://www.linuxit.com where at the bottom they have the LinuxIT Customers with 4 showing horizontally, I would like that but as a vertical space along the right side.

Who Is Your Audience?

The website will be geared towards 21 to 35 year olds but definitely more concentrated on the 21-28 range. People right out of college and entry level workers mostly who are looking to save some cash yet enjoy going out for drinks with friends or coworkers or watching an event at a bar.


We Like These Examples

http://www.linuxit.com/ - i like the top part that has the different icons moving. I can see the city icons in a set up like this.
www.twitter.com, www.facebook.com- both very simplistic, easy on the eyes, easy to navigate and sign up.
www.hopstop.com-I want something similar to this with the way they have the cities listed.

We Absolutely Must Have

I have attached the logo in multiple formats. I prefer using the red ones. Also, I have included a Description and if you want to use a slogan you can but dont have to. I am open to new ideas and look forward to seeing the creatives at work.

We're looking for 5 templates for our new website:
First Landing Page
Second Landing Page
Third Landing Page
Fourth Landing Page

The website navigation is:
Login Page
Friends and Groups
How it works?



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