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Creative Brief

Who are you?

A small team looking to create the best one message sharing website.

What do you need?

Website allows anyone to post only one message and share it on oneshout.com. Site must have white or grey background and the header must stand out, similar to sortfolio.com. The pages needed are:

1. Homepage will list recently published "stories".
2. Search results page will show all stories in an organized and beautiful format (author/alias, title, and first 100 characters of story body with "..." at the end.
3. Post page allows user to post their story and asks for posting title, story body, poster's name/alias (optional), tags (optional), and E-mail address. Contains Post button.
4. Posted page shows the output of the posted story (name/alias, story title, story body). Near the bottom of the story, there must be an option (icon/graphic or small button) to flag/report the story to staff. Below the posted story, users can comment on the story (similar to blog sites where users can comment below the blog post, asks user for name, email, and comment).
5. Contact page to contact oneshout.com. Can use nice graphics, icons, or anything else to look nice. May include space for contact E-mail address @ oneshout.com and box to E-mail from website (E-mailers E-mail, subject, body).

Who Is Your Audience?

People who want to share one message with the world such as a story, life experience, thought, list of jokes, quotes, with the rest of the world. Users may be similar to patrons of sites like blogspot or wordpress.


We Like These Examples

Simple: sortfolio.com
Nice style, but we want more simple than: shoutcast.com

We Absolutely Must Have

The website name as a part of the header, all lowercase: oneshout and make it look good. Must have search box and Search button at the top of every page.



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