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We are a midsize hardwood floor refinishing company with near 20 years experience in the hardwood flooring business. We have concentrated on refinishing and restoration only of existing hardwood floors. . Our work is mainly residential and some commercial. We count ourselves among the few select professionals in the area who excel in specialty refinishing.


We have an existing logo/company name and would like to revise it as well as our letterhead, envelope and business cards. The existing logo can be altered with the silver leaf aspect featured more so. The tag line professional hardwood floor restoration should be far more prominent than at present and need not forcibly be so closely linked to the logo itself. See enclosed word document for further details.

WEBSITE: We would like a clear, bold and clean website to showcase our already established reputation. Easy navigation is a must. Main features (explained below) should be readily seen and discernable at a glance. The page should be expansive horizontally with minimal scroll down. Of course main text will be the main feature with sufficient white space for content.

We want the website coded in xhtml/css. Wed like the CSS to be very intuitive for us to be able to change the size and colors of the H1 tags and text etc. We would like to have the PSD files for the website design as well.

We need an eBook Cover designed as well for a downloadable manual which will be featured on the front page. (Like what they have at www.woodsmithhardwood.com) The title is.. We would like a separate file for the pretend book as well as a larger front cover for the actual report that will be made in Word and printed as a PDF.

The navigation links (text, not images) on the side will be:


Services We Offer

Why Choose Us

Our Guarantee

Photos and Client Feedback

Featured Videos

107% Dustless System

Answers To Your Questions

Name of free report

Meet The Crew

Contact Us

In the footer we will need the links:


Contact Us

Privacy Policy

Site Map


Middle to high end income families and contractors. Also apartment building managers needing to refinish apartment floors between tenants. Our goal is through graphics and content to present a sincere and down home approach.


www.istockphoto.com Photo #5024725 and #3102713 are more realistic and show rich texture and could be incorporated as texture elements or similar. If the texture chosen is too rustic then this may reflect on what the end product will look like. So well chosen wood texture surfaces will be important. Photo #4766098 and photo #6064199 are not realistic. We do not want a fence look nor something too rustic for texture. Our work reflects quality artistic handcrafted workmanship.

We like the crisp designs in: www.kylehaskins.com portfolio. He seems to incorporate the basic needed elements. We would like more of a feel or mood to the webpage either through design or color or use of textures...his are clear but not themed. We would like ours themed as to color and design.

Another favourite artist/designer is www.davidhellmann.com Look at his portfolio. His designs are clean, simple and bold. The full horizontal/full screen background too is pleasing. He individualizes items for a rapid visual.

http://www.fishmarketing.net/ This is another site that is visually pleasing, though not having all the features we are looking for, it is creative with a measure of grunge which could very well work with hardwood floor refinishing. Remember we restore old and grungy hardwood floors bringing them back to life. The transformations are amazing and considerable.


Sufficient white space like in our mock-up - for alot of black text. White space need not forcibly be white but may be a tone matching color palette making for easy reading. Our text will be black. Clear and easy navigation task bar along one side and the 5 bold elements listed below... or incorporated positioned in and around the site as you see fit. Be creative!

We are not stuck on the use of the burgundy wood grain as background on the website- that you see on the truck logo. This may be changed. The established logo should/could remain pretty much the same with the silver leaf aspect being incorporated or used in a more creative fashion. This is the main icon of the business and website. This is the feature we will develop more so for branding on letterhead, business cards and website.

1. A feature picture of us with embedded video walk on clip.

2. An eBookCover offering a downloadable manual entitled ........................... to be prominently featured.

3. A 107% dustless guarantee offering

4. 100% satisfaction guarantee

5. A How Much Will It Cost? feature

6. A feature article 9 Common Hardwood Floor Myths (simply the title)

7. A feature article link (again simply the title) 12 Things You Should Never Have to Regret When Having Your Hardwood Floors Refinished

See the accompanying mock up for reference. This shows only the features and can be repositioned and reformatted entirely.

Do not shy away from a decent header and or footer if your creative mind sees things in this manner. We will respond to the entries and are looking forward to seeing what you perceive to be the new look for Silver Leaf Refinishing.



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