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This web design project is to be designed for use with shopify (shopify.com).


A prominent physician specializing in pain management developed a formula for pain relief that has become wildly popular with doctors, patients, and professionally athletes. The doctor was on a mission to help his father suffering from chronic pain to provide him, and other sufferers with a simple, natural and easy treatment option that causes no negative side effects, is not addicting, causes no discomfort for the user and can be used anywhere, regardless the location of the pain or source of the pain. His natural pain relief lotion works great, has tons of endorsements (including many video testimonials which we'd like to incorporate into the website design), was registered with the FDA and is quickly becoming very popular among people of all ages and conditions. His lotion is easy to apply and works instantly. The physician would like to start marketing the product heavily online through various forms of advertising.

We need a simple, modern looking website to sell his pain relief product. We require strong call to action elements (try it now, buy now, etc.) and direct marketing methods reminiscant of *dare I say it* "infomercials" but without looking or seeming "cheezy" or "like a scam."

The site should showcase a large picture of the bottle, and include a sign over it that says Buy Now or something to that effect. I have attached a sample site map of how we imagined the site to look like, but you can alter this slightly if need be if you have a better layout in mind. Ideally, we'd like to introduce people to this doctor, his background, explain the science and benefits of his natural pain relief treatment, have pages devoted to those who suffer from a particular pain type and provide information on how it helps, an area to share video testimonials, written testimonials and other "success stories". We'd also like to include a FAQ, Contact Us/Customer Service Page, and an area to list the product, or alloy them to buy, such as a "Buy Now" page. This page should seem less like a shopping cart and be designed more like a landing page. It should include a large image of the product, some basic information and have a large buy now button that stands out.

Our target audience is:

Varied. This product helps everyone of all ages and pain types.. from simple headaches or muscle cramps to serious fibromyalgia, arthritis and so on. We are trying to focus on 3 main areas: Athletes, Chronic Pain Sufferers, and the Elderly. The overall theme of the product name is sports based, and so is the logo.

Our colors are green, blue, orange, and light blue (see Logo PSD). We don't have a preferred color for the website, except maybe our green or blue color with a white background, use of gray and black for highlights.. It's really up to you, we are open to all suggestions and color arrangements. We initially thought about using a green because of the natural or organic part of this product. This is composed of all natural and proven scientific ingredients.

We like these designs:

Sites with heavy use of white space, clean simple, modern, fashionable, trendy, web 2.0ish.

offline competitors:

all major over the counter pain relief pills, lotions, sprays, heat wraps, etc.

some of our online competitors:





As far as design deliverables: We would like a home page mockup, a general inside template, a success story page, buy now page and perhaps a landing page style page. Since this is uncoded and to be designed for Shopify, we will be seeking development / integration from a 3rd party.

We cannot work with those unwilling to use our design contract. Our contract is designed to protect us and our clients.



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