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Sagebrook is a management consultancy that focuses on companies in transition.

We are focusing on two common transitions in the life of an enterprise: Growth (in the form of early-stage capital raising) and Special Situations (more often called distress or turn-around, but our scope is a bit broader; we assist companies when they are challenged in a variety of ways, such as the departure of a principal or a sudden drop in revenues or a spike in costs).

While these two moments in the life of a company and the services they require appear unrelated, they are, in fact, tightly linked. Each takes management out of its comfort zone of what it does best and has time for. Each requires a similar set of consulting skills (finance, management, marketing, law), processes (assessment, development of options, selection of appropriate strategy, resource identification and selection, and finally, effective execution) and resources (capital, lawyers, etc).

In a way, Sagebrooks most important products are comfort/security and guidance. We provide the business owner or manager (our ultimate client) with a seasoned perspective, a set of skills and resources that will help him/her navigate the new, turbulent and difficult waters they suddenly find themselves in (no rafts navigating whitewater though, please).


We need designs for:

One Template for Main Landing page: This establishes our mission as assisting companies in transition and permits navigation to (1) the two sides of our business (growth and special situations), (2) About Us, and (3) Contact. We may use this template for separate landing pages for the Growth and Special Situations segments of our business.

One Template that will contain text for Growth, Special Situations, Resources (that is, other firms or specialties we can bring in to assist the client), References.

One page for Contact (including a contact us form that emails contact information to business contact).

Logo: While we have attached our current logo, we are interested in new approaches to a logo. Extra points for the entry that provides a fresh solution to our logo needs. Please note that we are not interested in the font that is in the logo file. See next re font.

Font: We really like the font in the attached font file and would like to keep it for our name. Beyond that application, we are open to new ideas re fonts for the text of the site.

Motif: We would like to see proposals that incorporate an image that represents the lifeline of an enterprise. The points on that lifeline are various challenges (e.g., vc financing, milestones in business plan) that may arise and where our skill set becomes important.


Our target audiences are:

(1) those who will engage us: business owners and senior management of companies seeking capital as well as more mature companies suffering an unusual challenge to their business; these decision makers are being asked to spend money at a time when money is dear; we need to convince them that a dollar spent on us leverages their chances of success enormously;

(2) those who will recommend us:

on the growth side, angel investors and venture capital firms who see an opportunity in the rough and want it to get more polished before they consider investing;

on the special situations side, accountants and lawyers concerned about their clients; bank work-out/bus dev/loan departments (who have a borrower in distress), and

(3) to a lesser degree, those who we will engage to provide specific services to our clients (investment bankers, financial resources, special counsel).


Our preference is for a very lean/efficient look that conveys

calm confidence at a time of anxiety and uncertainty,

experience/knowledge for management that finds itself outside its comfort zone;

We would like to convey these feelings through color and design, rather than tons of text and corny imagery.

We like this site for its simplicity of design, impact and color. We are not suggesting this palette or font, which is a bit too bright and arty for our conservative readers. But we love it anyway. http://www.maureenlipinski.com/ (But please note that we do not want a flash site.)


Most sites in this space are loaded with text (to show how much they know) and nautical or aeronautical images (by now a clich). Wed like to stay away from this approach. For example, see: http://www.daymarknh.com/20080702_mirus_... (boats) and http://www.r2llc.com/index.php (planes)



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