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Business Info

Business Name

Musica Russica

What do you do?

1. Who we are?
Musica Russica is a 25-year-old company, which is recognized internationally as the leading "one-stop-source" for Russian choral music and related products and services.

2. What we do?
a. Publish unique editions of sheet music that enable non-Russians to perform Russian music
b. Import rare CDs from Russia and other Eastern European countries, offering expert reviews and ratings
c. Offer consulting and other support services to performers of Russian choral music

Do you have a desired website screen size?

Flexible to accommodate various size monitors. Centered.

How many pages (maximum of 5) do you need designed?

1. Home page header, left column, right column, horizontal and vertical navigation bars 2. Static informational page (template; content added by developer) 3. Search result page (right column would be slightly different for each type of product search) 4. Product landing page (right column would be slightly different for each category of product)

Target Audience

What is your industry?


Describe the target audience for your website design

Target Audience

1. Who are our customers?
a. Browserspeople who are interested in Russian or Orthodox choral music, who want to explore, view, and listen to a variety of products
b. Hunterspeople who are looking for a specific title of sheet music, by a particular composer, or in a particular voicing
c. Researchers who wish to learn about particular composers, genres and styles
d. Conductors, teachers, and librarians who are looking for specific items, but who will then make the purchase through their vendors, with the orders coming in via phone or fax
e. Music dealers who, like the individuals above, will be looking for catalog and price information, but who will generate a purchase order using their own system, rather than our shopping cart
f. Orthodox Christian church bookstores and individuals interested in Russian sacred and secular music and in Orthodox music in English
g. Most of our customers are from all over the United States, but we also have a significant number of overseas customers as well.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your website design

1. Design should have an artistic, rather than a corporate look, a unique and memorable visual environment, with a focus on the following elements: a. Beauty (in the Dostoyevskian sense); b. Soulfulness; c. Sacredness; d. Otherworldliness (somewhere between heaven and earth); e. Spirituality

2. Design should provide a beautiful place on the web where listeners can encounter and download Orthodox sacred choral music and Russian choral secular and folk music

3. Design should provide a rich (multimedia) and user-friendly shopping experience for our customers who are shopping for the following products (both physical and electronic download): a. Russian choral sheet music; b. CDs of Russian sacred and secular choral music; c. CDs of Eastern Orthodox liturgical music of other traditions; d. Books related to the above fields; e. Consulting and products related to the performance of Russian choral music

How is your company different from your competitors?

How are we unique?
a. We are not just an internet store, but an educational publisher and consulting service
b. We are the leading publisher of Russian choral music outside the Russian Federation.
c. We serve as a "cultural bridge" between the 1000-year-old Russian choral tradition and non-Russian performers worldwide.

Style and Concept

What website design styles do you like?

Subtle use of shape, color and ornament to tie things together, including, but not limited to:
a. A distinctive header, employing elements of Musica Russicas logo, including font and bell design, musical notation
b. Graphic navigation buttons (horizontal and vertical) and menus that tie in with the header
c. Search and landing pages that display the product information and images in a sensible, customer-friendly way, while being aesthetically pleasing (many of our products have colorful, graphic elements)
d. Subtle and color-coordinated boxes and frames for products and right and left columns
e. Distinctive use of subtle ornamental elements that enhance the beauty of the page
f. Luminous, as opposed to opaque, surfaces and backgrounds

3. A short list of websites that contain design elements we like:

What colors do you want to see in your website design?

Corporate ID has historically used blue (of varying shades). Gold provides a desirable richness. A lot of our products (CDs, sheet music) have rich, colorful covers, which add color to search and landing pages. A dark background can serve to highlight these products, but a light background could be used as well

What colors do you NOT want to see in your website design?

Gaudy reds, pinks, lime greens, oranges

What adjectives should best describe your website design?

Beautiful (in the Dostoyevskian sense)
Otherworldly (somewhere between heaven and earth)

What content must be included in the website design?

Elements of the Musica Russica bell logo. Musical notation. Gold church domes a possibility--see attached stock photo, which we have purchased. These have been utilized in an existing draft on a partially redeveloped website, but not in any finalized fashion. We offer it here as an idea, but not necessarily to influence the final design.

Do you have additional requirements or links you want to share?

Current site: http://www.musicarussica.com
Partially redeveloped site: This is an unfinished site that will not be launched in its present state. It has elements we like, but also serious design flaws, such as a header that is an unfinished placeholder draft, a color scheme that is not well coordinated, backgrounds and outlines of frames that need to be refined.

We have traditionally used Goudy font for our logo and stationery. We like menus and navigation buttons that are coordinated with logo and which can be made to 'light up' as on http://Newworldbyzantine.com/ . We like the subtle use of ornament on that site and http://www.liturgica.com/ . We like the richness of the gold on http://www.sdmasterchorale.org/ and http://archangelvoices.com/ We have included a watermarked "Sample1 Header" as a striking example of what can be done with gold domes on blue sky.



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