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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We are developing a new Reputation and Job Portal based on web 2.0 where:
- Job seekers can provide insider feedback on their former companies; e.g. what they think about the companys salary, training, career progression, company policies, etc.
- Job seekers can search and find the companies that suit them best in the style If what motivates you is (Money / or Career progression / or Training / or Helping others, etc.), then we would recommend you to check out these companies
- Job seekers can apply online to the companies that suit them best.
- Companies can post job offers

We want anyone thinking about changing companies to come to us, find the company that suits him/her best and apply online to his/her dream job.

We want companies, regardless of their size, to regard us as a place where they can enhance their reputation and attract potential & talented employees with the right motivations.

What do you need?

The design of the following 4 pages is needed
- Home page
- Search page
- Search results page
- Company Profile page

Please see attachment for details on each page.

Use of green and orange colours is encouraged, aligned with the attached logo (our logo will be something similar - please focus on the logo style only, not on the name).

A sentiment of hope of being on the right way to find the dream job should be transmitted to the job seeker throughout all the web pages.

Companies should be able to identify us as a long term business partner, professional and that their reputation is both safe and important to us, yet we are fun to work with.

Can you do it? Surprise us!

Who Is Your Audience?

We have two different audiences:


- Small to Mid size companies; i.e. from 10 to 1000 employees.
- Companies located in urban areas in West-Europe and USA.
- Within each company, our target may have different profiles; they may be the owner of the company, the head from HHRR, the head of a department, a team or section leader, etc. Some will have minimal IT knowledge so ease of reading and navigation is critical.

Job seekers:

- Job seeker has University studies; e.g. masters degree, MBA, etc.
- Job seeker has 5 to 20 years of professional experience
- Job seeker is de-motivated in his/her current job and looking for a new job or company that could match his/her expectations; e.g. Better salary, Better career progression, Better Work/life balance, Better Training options, Better options to help others, etc.


We Like These Examples

We want our design to be unique and innovative, so we were quite reluctant to include examples. However, here some examples that may help you:

- We like how the Home page is structured.
- The shown contents in the Home page are very easy to identify and it is very easy to understand the overall functionality.
- Process on how the web site works is clearly shown in Home page (step 1, step 2, step 3, etc.).
- It is very clear in the Home page that the visitor can use the web site as either
+ Someone who has goods for delivery in our case it would be a job seeker.
+ A courier company in our case it would be a company willing to post job offers and attract talent.

www.linkedin.com, www.tweeter.com, www.facebook.com,
- We like how, whenever a Company is shown in a list, a picture of the Company logo is shown near the Company name, so that the user can see that they both belong together.

- We like how the information within each Company Profile is structured. The layout for each company profile is clean, uncomplicated and the provided information is very easy to read and understand.

We Absolutely Must Have

Style must be professional yet fun, modern, creative and unique.

Simplicity and impact are the key. The web site should be very easy use and very simple to understand. Layout should be very clear and uncomplicated.

Wherever possible, please use high quality icon sets.

Everything else is up to your creativity.

Thanks and good luck!



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