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Our site MovieZen is a site about movie and celebrity information (reviews, news, photos and videos).


there are two primary types of pages on MovieZen: movie pages and celebrity pages.

Here's an example of a movie page that contains content: http//www.moviezen.com/movie/gran-torino

Here's an example of a celebrity page that contains content: http//www.moviezen.com/celebrity/clint-eastwood

Our challenge is that there are quite a few pages that do NOT contain much content:

1. Celebrity pages without content:

1a. no photo, only has 1 movie in filmography: http://www.moviezen.com/celebrity/alec-f...

1b. has 1 video + 1 movie in filmography: http://www.moviezen.com/celebrity/adam-b...

2. Movie pages without content:

2a. no DVD poster, plot, no reviews, no news, no photos: http://www.moviezen.com/movie/jaanleva

2d. has DVD poster but no plot, no reviews, etc: http://www.moviezen.com/movie/arundhati-...

We want to redesign how we present pages without content so that users stay on them longer and dont exit them immediately. It seems counter-intuitive but we do believe this can be done. Some suggestions might be:

1. NOT show the photo/bio of a celebrity when we dont have one

2. NOT show the bio of a celebrity when we dont have one.

3. Show photos of this actor in the bio section.

4. Show videos of this actor in the bio section.

5. Show photos of actors that this actor worked with in the bio section.

6. Show popular photos and videos (that have nothing to do with this actor) in the bio section.

In general, our thoughts are that the "bareness" of these pages are what turns users away. If we can make the pages less bare by showing more graphical or textual stuff (even if we dont have the exact content the user is looking for), that might be good and get users to stay on the page longer and enter deeper sections of the site. Our goal is not to trick the user but to get them to at least think that we have some content for this page.

Please look at other sites that have this problem and tell us through your design, how other sites deal with this issue.

The deliverable is as follows:

Four new layouts (keeping the same visual design as MovieZen currently has), one each for:

a. Alec Friedman celeb page -- http://www.moviezen.com/celebrity/alec-f...

b. Adam Bedi celeb page -- http://www.moviezen.com/celebrity/adam-b...

c. Jaanleva movie page -- http://www.moviezen.com/movie/jaanleva

d. Arundhati movie page -- http://www.moviezen.com/movie/arundhati-...

Feel free to rearrange elements on the page or delete/add new elements. You can also feel free to browse around MovieZen to see what other things we have on the site, for elements that cold be added to these pages.

If any specific visual design changes would impact things a lot, please feel free to incorporate these.


Users who come through search engines. Someone who is searching for "Alec Friedman" and comes to this page http://www.moviezen.com/celebrity/alec-f... will immediately abandon the page and go back to the search results. We want them to stay on our site longer and even maybe click on a few elements (despite our not having the data)

I would suggest searching for "Alec Friedman" (celeb) or "Jaanleva" (movie) on Google to see why you would stay on or abandon a site, despite the site's not having content about the celeb/movie. How do other sites handle this problem?

Eg: here's NYTimes page on "Adam Toht" which they obviously dont have content for. What makes you stay here? http://movies.nytimes.com/person/1235395... versus abandon http://www.moviezen.com/celebrity/adam-t... immediately?


Since this is more of a "layout" project than a pure visual design project, the sites we like are sites that do a good job of "disguising" their lack of content about a particular entity. http://movies.nytimes.com/person/1235395... - maybe does a good job for Adam Toht?



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