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fboweb.com is an innovative website that provides aircraft flight tracking and other aviation related information. The site provides, among other services, the ability to track an aircraft by displaying the flight's position on a map, as well as other information, such as altitude, speed, origin and destination, and other flight information. Perhaps most interesting is our ability to integrate our flight tracking data with Google Earth, which allows user to view the flight's progress in a 3D, pan-and-zoom environment. This feature has been showcased on CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC, as well as other media.

We have one web page in particular on our site that is most frequently visited. Its current purpose is to provide a quick-and-dirty way to track individual flights; and to showcase the 3D integration by providing a special feature which displays the inbound and outbound traffic for 7 major airports in the United States through Google Earth; and to provide links to other products and services offered by the website. It also has a feature that displays the flight track data for recent aircraft accidents and incidents, providing an excellent "go-to" source for seeing the raw flight path for aircraft involved in aviation accidents.

A bare-bones version of this page, with all position formatting removed, can be found at http://fboweb.com/flighttracking/default...

What we need is a complete redesign of this page, FROM THE BANNER DOWN. The main heading banner (from the very top on down to the bottom blue-line border) must remain in tact, but everything below that is completely up for redesign... colors, fonts, icons, placement - everything.

1) Note the Digg icon, it needs to be on the page somewhere prominently located.

2) Note the headlines underneath the first ad banner; they should be somewhere "headliney"

3) Recognize that there is a feature, currently obscurely marked on the sample page, that displays an hourly snapshot of all active flights. This should be on the page somewhere.

4) The main purpose of this page is to track a flight, so recognize the importance of the "Track a specific flight" section and design accordingly

5) The secondary purpose of this page is to showcase the features of the 3d Google Earth integration, so recognize that in your placement of the "View inbound traffic" section.

6) Another secondary purpose of this page is to provide an go-to place for "recent incident activity".

Anyone from techie aviation geeks to the grandmother wanting to watch her son's flight from accross the country.

Feel free to take a look at the rest of the website at http://fboweb.com for some inspiration/understanding - however, we are not keen to any particular design, and we are also interested in improving the rest of the website at some point (so don't feel like you need to copy any existing design concepts on the site)... but for now, the scope of this project remains that single page as described above.

1) The page generates revenue through the sale of advertising, so ad space must be prominently featured on the page, without completely interfering with the functionality of the page (isn't that the magic formula for everything? :) In the sample page currently provided, there are two sample ads - these formats must be featured on the site (size and dimensions) and positioned such that they will have maximum impact. WE WOULD ALSO LIKE A THIRD BANNER added, and we'll leave that up to the designer to suggest where to best place this banner.

2) This page must have MINIMAL graphics in order to load quickly; users want to be able to quickly head to this page and track a flight, and use this as a utility. As such, long load times would be a detriment to this functionality. The winning design will find the best balance between visual appearance and load times.

3) The page is also a leader into other products and services offered by the website, so bear that in mind in the design.

4) All functionality of the existing page must be kept - so note the various options, links, and features of the site. Feel free to play around with and use this page (you can also try http://fboweb.com/flighttracking for the current live, production version of this page).



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