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Creative Brief

Who are you?

WeGoLook is an online service that provides visual confirmation and a personalized report complete with current photos of virtually any item, property or person in the United States. WeGoLook has over 4,500 Nationwide "Lookers" who will travel to the item, property or person to complete the report in person. WeGoLook will also arrange transportation and deliver small items to a shipper in order to avoid bait-and-switch fraud. Our customers are better informed, avoid costly surprises and are assured that the item actually exists and the seller's claims are valid. WeGoLook will observe a working demonstration of the item in order for the customer to know the item starts (electronics, autos, boats, etc.). WeGoLook When You Can't.

What do you need?

We need our Home Page and Services page redesigned. It is currently too confusing to customers on exactly WHAT we offer and WHAT we do. We like the sliding header but would like to redesign the rest of the home page. We have two logins- one for our customers and one for our "Lookers". It is confusing to customers when they see the 'looker' login. We need to be able to show the customer the many types of items/property/persons we can perform "looks" on. We want them to be able to relate to the examples and then convert them to a purchase.

Who Is Your Audience?

eBay and craigslist customers: WeGoLook and Verify item's existence, seller's claims and can ship item after watching the working demonstration of the item.

AutoTrader.com or any auto/vehicle/boat/motorcycle online consumer: We take CURRENT photos, observe starting of engine and can arrange transportation.

On-line dating customers: We meet the online match, verify their photo ID and take CURRENT photos.

Business Owners: Save Travel Expenses- WeGoLook at cellphone towers, construction sites, verify occupancy in buildings, etc...all with customized report and photos.

Vacation or Rental Property Owners: We verify storm damage, just "checking up" on property, verify contractor's claims before paying invoices for work on property, we can meet a plumber or other contractor at home for you, etc.

Resort or Wedding Facilities/Destination: We verify facilities and local before placing a large deposit

Gravesites: We take photos of cemetary sites to ensure there is no gravesite vandalism.

International: Internet consumers from around the world purchase items and property from the US. We can now verify the items/property for them.


We Like These Examples

We don't have anything super specific- we want our homepage (and overall site) to be clean, professional, easy to use, simple to understand.

We Absolutely Must Have

1. Clarification of service- you can use the terms verification service, to verify, in-person, nationwide, etc.. Our end-product that we sell is a personalized report with photos.
2. Easy to order- direct customers to order
3. Examples- a listing of items/properties/persons- perhaps break it down- such as eBay auction/craigslist items (jewelry, autos, electronics), Property (Vacation home, rental property, wedding facilities, etc), Online Dating, Commercial Business Services (asset verification, construction site verification, equipment, personnel verificaiton, etc).



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