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Creative Brief

Who are you?

Our photographers measure floorplans of listings on site, take photographs and we combine them into Picture Plans - www.vis-home.com/demo1. Our clients are real estate agents and brokerages.

What do you need?

We need to have a new "player" designed. This is for design only, we will handle the technical implementation ourselves.

We need to have the design made up of 4 screens, and we need to 2 different versions of 1 of those 4 screens. All screens should be 1000px X 625px (or close to it):

I. Floorplan and Pics Screen - we'll need 2 different versions of this screen; one with the

"floorplan" rectangular, the second with a square floorplan.
A. Floorplan
1. should be able to switch levels, in a visible manner...tabs are better than a

pull down menu.
2. "Enlarge" button makes interactive floorpan "full-screen"
B. Active Photo - should be 512 x 400 px
1. please note the "enlarge photo" button makes the photo "full screen"; if the

viewer doesn't touch the photos it goes in automatic slideshow, when they "touch" anything on the

screen, the slideshow stops.
C. Agent/Company Branding
D. Address of property
E. Photo description - (to be filled out by the agent via the online editor)
F. Vis-Home Branding/Disclaimer
G. Button Bar

II. Neighborhood Info Screen
A. Amenity Map
1. switch from streets/sattelite (Google Maps) to Aerial (Bing Maps)
B. Streetview/Intro Video
C. Agent/Company Branding
D. Address
E. Google Search Box - this will automatically revert IIA to Google Maps "streets" view
F. Vis-Home Branding/Disclaimer
G. Button Bar

III. More Info Screen
A. Printable version - link to plan.pdf
B. Contact Agent - email form pops-up
C. Social Media "sharing" "liking" etc
D. Info from realtor.com feed - live example:

http://www.smartfloorplan.com/il/v302113... Info tab)

IV. Furniture Planner Screen - pretty similar to the "http://seetheproperty.com/presentation_v..." example

A. Floorplanner.com furntire planner
B. Agent/Company Branding
C. Address of property
D. Vis-Home Branding/Disclaimer
E. Button Bar

Who Is Your Audience?

Our clients are real estate brokerages and agents.


We Like These Examples

Our Current Player: vis-home.com/demo1
Our competitors:


What we like about our current player:
our floorplan is bigger and the "level tabs" are more noticeable than the pull-down menu they use to switch levels

What we like about the "seetheproperty.com" player:
better organized buttons (all in one place, etc), bigger photos (this is a very big deal), integrated floorplanner.com

We Absolutely Must Have

Vis-Home is the name of the company, the color scheme should be the "light blue" color scheme of our current player, vis-home.com/demo1



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