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RapidPSD is a online service where a user can upload a PSD file and an algortihm will

convert the file into html and images, which is then emailed to the user along with the cut-up images.



The website is aimed at designers, I do NOT want it to look corporate. If you want to, go bananas, but

make it look great and like something a designer would look at. I want to say the word "boutique" - that

might be interesting. I also want to say the word "Awesome" - just cool to look at.

I am not fussed about the color scheme, it just has to work well, ie look good.

What I need:

A header containing

- a logo "RapidPSD",

- A navigation bar for: Home, Examples, F.A.Q {a couple more items will be added.}

- Optional a small sign-in section

A front page, my idea for this is to have the page split by a band in the middle where an upload box is.

I want to make it really clear to the user that this is where they upload there *.psd file.

There will also need to be a email address box and an upload button next to it.

An examples page, basically a repeated list of: A screenshot of a PSD file, with a link to a download, space for some text

and then on the other side, the screenshot of html page and a view button.

A login page, username & password with a login & reset button.

A FAQ Page, basically a Q & A list....make up the content, It just needs to look good.

A footer containing:

- Links to: About, Contact, Terms {you just need to put the text.}

- A copyright notice.

Note: All pages have the header & footer.


At a minimum, the psd's width would be 800px, I would like it between 800px and 1000px wide...or scalable to 100% width.

File Types:

PSD files please

Example File:

- I have attached an example VERY ROUGH sketch of how i imagine the homepage could look like....this is just a suggestion, you can do whatever you want.



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