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We are small development shop that is building a fitness tracking application for people who do CrossFit, Kettlebell, and Triathalon traning. Basically those individuals for whom results are meaningful and the workouts are incredibly intense(think vomiting). This is an application written to "scratch our own itch" as we do CrossFit and often lament on the lack of software for tracking and comparing workout results and progress.

What We Have:

We have a preliminary design of a page the user will see when they log into the system. The goal of this page is to show the user the workouts they have scheduled for today.

What We Want:

What we would like is for someone to take our current draft and make it more energetic. We believe the current one embodies the functionality and layout we like just it is missing some snap. We want to see a design that communicates more energy, vitality, and genral sense of fitness.

What We Don't Want:

We are not looking for rounded buttons, corners, and gloss galore. We prefer functional over flash. We simply don't want people to be bored by the colors and design.

You don't need to redesign the logo as we will be doing another design session for that, yet if you want to we won't hold it against you!



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