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Creative Brief

Who are you?

psd2css Online or P2C provides a very simple approach to web development and
coding. We are a SaaS (software as a service) online tool that converts
Photoshop PSD designs to dynamic, functional, compliant websites. Our online
monthly/annual subscription provides developers access to our simple code
generation engine to quickly take web designs to fully functional dynamic
websites in seconds. Developers use our services to quickly turn around
their clients projects and increase productivity. Developers can use it for
a straight dynamic webdesign or for making a template for CMS systems such
as Drupal, WordPress, or Joomla.

The process is simple, designers simply use our nomenclature in the layer
names of the PSD file. After which they simply upload their file to our site
and in less than a couple minutes a fully functional W3C standards compliant
website is coded for them. All With little to no coding.

The current site is at: http://psd2cssonline.com

What do you need?

Our company has been in limited release for the last 2 years and are in the
process of relaunching our site with a more cohesive brand. We are looking
to take a not so simple explanation of what our product does and tell the
story visually. First of all, we need a powerful front-page design. This
will feature some areas were we can feature different aspects of our
products. We think that a streaming video that explains what the site does
would be the most efficient (please see below for more details)

We consistently hear from our customer base that they did not fully get what
the product does until they saw it in action. This is our biggest challenge
in converting prospective customers to using our product.

It is also very important that the site be built with the tool itself. You
can keep this in mind while designing. If you want some sort of dynamic
functionality that isn't already a feature at psd2css Online, design it in
anyway and probably we'll just add it as a feature. Also, as a Photoshop to
XHTML/CSS/JS tool it is important to show off how creative the design can be
and how cleanly and completely psd2css Online converts it to code. So in
that super simple designs have a clean aesthetic quality to them, it
wouldn't show off the capabilities of the tool very well. So be creative.

Who Is Your Audience?

Our clients are you! They are designers and developers . We are looking for
something unique, clean and simple. As you can tell from our current site it
does not showcase that we are web developer tools or are one of the best in
leading trends in web development. As we are engineers and can build the
tools it is pretty apparent that we lack the design skills.


We Like These Examples

http://mob.ly/ Super clean and simple, once you get to the site the message
is straightforward. Probably too clean and simple considering what psd2css
Online does (see below) but getting the message across like this is key.
http://www.mailchimp.com/ Again, very clean looking site where you can get
most of the information you need right in the front page.

Other Sites:

We Absolutely Must Have

Attached is the current logo. As far as the site is concerned, feel free to
make any color schemes that you feel would be better for our site. The name
of the company is psd2css Online, Inc. and the URL of the site is
psd2cssonline.com. So any derivation on the name is fine (the full name, or
P2C, etc.).

It would be ideal if the layout of the website would some what set the stage
for taking a concept (sketch or drawing) into an interactive experience. The
product builds dynamic websites and that message needs to be conveyed
through our storefront. The design from the homepage will set the stage for
concept that will be used throughout our site

Video: We are thinking of placing a prolog video to show in 45 seconds the
ease of building a website with our engine. This will be automatically
played in clean HD style that will go through the very simplistic run
through the product from PSD design to upload to website. You do not need to
generate the video, but do include space for it in the design of the site.

Free Trial: We offer a free trial for all of our prospective clients. This
needs to be #2 on the very important list next to video. The free trial is 2
weeks of all features on the site free upon registering at the site. After 2
weeks the free trial ends and the prospective client must purchase time on
the site to continue to use the advanced features (after the trial but
without purchasing any time the site will still generate HTML/CSS for free,
but only the most basic features are available).

The site must ultimately be built with psd2css Online. So take into account
some of the features available while designing the site. But be creative
don't limit yourself to what psd2css Online is capable of. You don't need to
name the layers with the psd2css Online Layer Naming Conventions (we'll do
that), but please take a look at features available and design them into
your deliverable. Some of the existing features that we'd like to see used

- We'll use our _video feature for the video (so make sure to design
custom play, rewind and pause buttons). Here is our video feature:
- We would like to use the Slider feature as well. This is our slider
feature:http://psd2cssonline.com/node/1408). This is a great way to get
lots of information on the front page without forcing visitors to navigate
- Mouse over menu items (_link and _linkover). There are lots of examples
in many of the feature demos on http://psd2cssonline.com
- Dynamic menus that open and close (_menu or _hmenu). Many examples in
the demos for these features too, here is one:

How the product should be presented on the site: The product will be split
up into 4 tiers. The tiers of product available must be reflected in the
site as well.

- The first tier is the free version as we have it now. It will accept a
PSD file and generate basic HTML/CSS but not write any dynamic code. The
output will be CSS DIVs that reflect the position and art of the layers from
the PSD file.
- The second (or first paid) tier is called Entry Level
- The third tier is called Web Developer Level
- The final tier is called Enterprise Level

The site must include a list of features available to each tier. Each level
of product will include all the features of the tier before it (Web
Developer includes all the features of Entry Level plus some, Enterprise
includes all the features of Web Developer plus some, etc.). We haven't
listed which features are available on which tiers here because the feature
list is changing. You can just list whatever features as place holders.

All 3 paid tiers are available at a monthly or annual rate.

A product matrix on a single page is probably a good way to display this,
but we leave it up to you.



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