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prickt.com is all about tattoos and piercings. In short, the idea goes like this:

* people sign up and post information and pictures of their tattoos and / or piercings

* the piercer and artist also sign up on the site

* the pictures get linked to the piercer or artist and builds a portfolio of their work

* piercers and artists get linked to profiles for studios building portfolios of the studios' work.

What I'm after is a single page design based on the image gallery page (a screenshot of it in it's current state is attached to the project).

The specific elements to the design I will be looking for are:

* An overall design to adapt for use in the rest of the site, consisting of a standard header with menu + 2/3 column content + footer with credits, etc layout. Don't feel the need to incorporate anything of what's shown in the screenshot - you have complete carte blanche to try anything.

* A design for the menu blocks in the sidebar which I can also use throughout the rest of the site.

* A very simple logo. I'm generally quite happy with the one now (if you can call a bunch of text a "logo") so literally just taking that and smartening it up would do fine (the font is called 'Chopin', available from Dafont).

* A nice way to display the image, summary main description and preview thumbnails of the other pictures in the gallery.

Stylewise, in general I'm looking for something that's more along the lines of a universally appealing social site with a piercing and tattoo flavour rather than the other way around. Tattoos and piercings have become more 'socially acceptable' thesedays and with that in mind the site is oriented towards the many everyday people who have plenty of ink but are regular working professionals. Steer clear of a heavy biker, metal, goth or emo themes.

I think Suicide Girls has pretty much struck the balance I'm looking for so definitely take a look there if you're not familiar.

Anyway, I think that just about sums it up. If you've got any other questions drop me a pm.

One point on submissions - please please please do me a favour and try and get any submissions in in good time so we don't end up back and forth doing last minute revisions for the last day :-)





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