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Creative Brief

Who are you?

I am a musician looking for someone to help with creating a website. I would love to partner with someone that is available to grow/evolve with my project/brand, and help design for other areas of the web such as myspace, youtube etc.

My day job right now is in new media, so I'm comfortable with the basics, and would like to start with a site that I can mangage on my own. I'm very open to using wordpress, and have an account and redirect set up at www.paintedfacemusic.com. I'm not actively promoting this url yet--as you can see, it's just a sketch pad. I haven't found any templates I like which is why I'm reaching out to this community. If you have great ideas, I am very flexible and can compensate well for it.

This is my artist bio:
"Painted Face is the moniker of Allie Alvarado, a D.C. based singer and songwriter who has roots in the Brooklyn art rock scene. Formerly a member of the bands Telepathe and Blood Lines, Allies solo project is collaboration with dance music producer Night."

Link to music: http://www.myspace.com/paintedfacemusic

I partnered with an artist online to do the artwork for myspace, and it was very successful. I'm hoping to find someone creative to work with here as well. I think it would be ideal to find someone who is a web designer as well as a graphic designer. Experience doing web stuff for bands is a plus.

What do you need?

I've looked across the web at many examples. Most of the sites for bands that I've seen are very over the top. Usually, (aesthetic reasons aside) this is because the band is already established and has a large budget and large fan base.

Because I am just starting out, I would like to format the site so its more open, like a blog, instead of focusing on a ton of overly designed backgrounds, pics fonts, etc. I need to CONNECT with people.

The essentials:

Blog, Bio, Store, photos, Events, Video/Media, mailing list, contact, links to twitter, facebook, myspace etc., links to friends' sites

The most important thing for me is to not have this site look like everybody elses. I want it to be clean but edgy.

I don't need flash or a fancy splash page, and I have external accounts for mailings, and selling merch. They are not fully active, but these things don't need to be done from scratch.

Again, I'll be the one pluggin in the content so I need an easy CMS to work with.

Who Is Your Audience?

Hip, young...

I want this site to be simple, stylish and artistic, akin to a blog/small site for a fashion magazine or indie music label.


We Absolutely Must Have

News/Blog, Bio, Store, photos, Events, Video/Media, mailing list, contact, links to twitter, facebook, myspace etc., links to friends' sites.

I will be getting some pics taken in early june, so for now I have minimal artwork. I think most of the site I like have a light (well, white) background, which I prefer. I could go with a cool banner, or a cool font as a header. See examples. The rest of the content will be filled by me as I go.
Here's a link to some art noodles...http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1494564/Crowdspring_web/art%20noodles.zip



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