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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We are a Web hosting provider offering standard shared and dedicated Web hosting services and are in the process of switching our service to highly scalable server farms and "cloud hosting" that we will brand as "Pagefarm".

What do you need?

We need an amazing design to get across the idea and benefits of scalable cloud hosting.

It might help if you learn a bit about scalable, load-balanced Web hosting. To get a quick general idea see:


The site is comprised of five pages each with a corresponding menu item.

The menu items should be across the top. The menu items are:

Web Hosting
Web Design
How We Grow Your Site
Down on the Farm

This is the power page, sets the feel and warm tone.
This page will draw attention to our Personal hosting option at $9.95 per month, have a streaming video, draw attention to our most popular Business hosting option at $19.95 per month, have a farmer mascot and get across the idea that "We Grow Websites" (meaning scalability), show Websites growing in a field.

Web Hosting:
This menu item will take you to our pricing grid. For an example see here: https://www.shopify.com/services/signup
The pricing grid will have 5 hosting plans:

Personal: 9.95
Business: 19.95
Business Gold: 24.95
Business Platinum: 29.95
Business Diamond: 34.95

The $19.95 plan should be the focus and different in some way. The pricing grid should have some custom touches in the realm of farms/farming etc. User can click to order a hosting option directly from this page.

Web Design (this page will look as good as the main page but will have spots for 3 different design packages)
User can click to order a design package directly from this page.

How We Grow Your Site
This page will show via images and text how a server farm works and more detail about our hosting environment, datacenters etc. This page will reiterate some things shown in the streaming video on the front page.

Down on the Farm (this is our about page)
Create a fun page that we can add our about text to.

Please remember to do the landing page only to start and we'll go from there if we like your work. Pay particular attention to the fatcow.png that is attached to the project to get an idea of a great feel for a landing page.

Who Is Your Audience?

Mostly small businesses or anyone that wants to host a Website that can handle high traffic.


We Like These Examples

www.fatcow.com (the Web design must be as good as this page.

www.soluto.com/ We will have a video presentation that will play directly on the page similar to soluto. The front page should include a spot for the video.

We Absolutely Must Have

Must have a blue/white gradient background with a landscape of some kind similar to the fatcow example.

Must have a farmer mascot of some type.

Must be warm and inviting, whimsical and fun but at the same time show the powerful technology of scalable Web hosting.

Our tagline is "We Grow Websites" and we would like to see a field where Websites are growing somewhere on the front page (be very creative here. Cornstalks with Websites?) Make it fun.

We think this site require a very high level of design skill but the reward is very generous for the person/group with the talent we are looking for.



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