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Business Info

Business Name

Not revealed

What do you do?

We are an IT training company from Latin America. We are about to launch an online training product.

Do you have a desired website screen size?

Flexible layout targeting 960 or more

How many pages (maximum of 5) do you need designed?


Target Audience

What is your industry?

Developers, programmers and IT students

Describe the target audience for your website design

Our audience is 80% male with ages between 20 and 28 years old. Most of them is currently in college or has just graduated. They are programmers and are interested in geek stuff. They're taking our courses to improve their knowledge to get a first job or to try another one, improving their carreer.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your website design

- We are the ultimate experts in the area we are teaching.

- The user is going to be that expert after completing the activities and the complete training.

- The user should feel compelled to continue completing the training

How is your company different from your competitors?

We really care about our students and its learning progress individually. We have a strong brand associated with high quality teaching, the best professionals, and an awesome learning experience. We care about the details in our textbooks, our teachers training and the relationship with each student.

Style and Concept

What website design styles do you like?

A clean and simple design, with large images and headers. We like not too much ruby-on-rails-web20-like, but a little bit more serious.

A few examples:

http://www.egenial.pro/pt/cursos (in portuguese)

What colors do you want to see in your website design?

Primarily dark blue, gray tones and white.

What colors do you NOT want to see in your website design?

Pink. Or a lot of colors mixed. Less is more

What adjectives should best describe your website design?

Simple, clean, modern, engaging

What content must be included in the website design?

Our platform maximizes the course content and its path, with a high level social experience. The user advances through the course path watching videos, reading content and solving exercises. And he always can interact with his classmates or the teacher using the integrated forum capability. The user can discuss each page or exercise and also ask questions to get help.

An important concept is the user's points. He earns point for every activity and interaction, so he can always check his progress. Those points are another motivator for the user to keep going.

The first page he sees is the Dashboard listing his current active training, past trainings and possible recommendations for the future. He can track his current progress, see other users interactions in the forum and continue from where he left.

After clicking in a course, he goes to a course section. Each section have a video and an explanation in text (hidden by default). After he watches the video, the first exercise comes up (Ajax). He can answer the exercise or ask help in the forum. After the answer submission, we show (Ajax) an explanation about the correct answer congratulating the user if he got it right, or showing the mistakes otherwise.

At all times, he can skip the video and go to the exercises. Or ask a question during the video, or before the exercises. All sections also have a Discussion at the bottom of the page, where all users can interact to just share some though about that section (not ask questions).

The forum pages are pretty common. There is a front page listing all topics and another one with the topics detail. A topic can be a Discussion or a Question. Questions can be answered and the user can choose the best answer.

We would like to promote user interaction and social features, like StackOverflow or LiveMocha (not a good design example but a nice concept). Everything can be shared or discussed between users, like Facebook.

Do you have additional requirements or links you want to share?

One of the most famous online training software in Moodle. We want the exact opposite. Moodle is ugly, a complete mess and the user feels repelled by its interface.



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