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Hi Creatives, we are looking for a new website design for Easy Debt Solutions, a personal debt solutions company based in the UK.

The brief is below

The Easy Debt Solutions website will be a stimulating and interactive experience that motivates users to engage with the website and the Easy Debt Solutions business. The website is recognised by all stakeholders as an example of best-practice website design, and engage its audiences at all levels, providing customer insight and direction to Easy Debt Solutions services. The website will use fully integrated digital marketing that delivers content and services to targeted audiences.

The site will correctly target the users and meet their specific needs.

The site will give clear advice for the user making the solutions easy rather than complex. We also want the site to be easy to use reflecting the business name and ethos. It will also not stigmatise or patronize its audience.

The website will be Easy Debt Solutions.com - the most important branded asset, and in many cases will be the initial introduction to the organisation for many customers, clients, prospects and partners.

Organisational brand values should be reflected in the website design, content and services. Ideally, the website should actually deliver brand values through the delivery of online services. The minimum that should be aimed for however is to ensure that the new website does not negate or harm brand values through failing to meet site users expectations.

Words that describe the core brand values of the Easy Debt Solutions organisation in descending order of priority are:

1. Professional but unfussy

2. Credible

3. Non-judgemental and notcondescending

4. Honest & Up front (in terms of fees and charges)

5. Ethical, Legal and Responsible

6. Simple to use

7. Easy

The new Easy Debt Solutions website will have a number of different target audiences these will mainly be consumers but in order

1. Consumers who require personal financial solutions

2. Interested groups/ Citizens advice Offices etc

3. Information seekers searching for others (friends, family etc)

4. Potential affiliates

The web is a visual medium and the new website should provide a strong visual statement of the Easy Debt Solutions online brand.

The visual design of the new Easy Debt Solutions website should reflect current Easy Debt Solutions corporate branding, however the online representation of that brand can be extended through the actual website visual design, use of imagery, copywriting and other elements.

1. Simple to use and user-friendly

2. Modern

3. Eye-catching

4. Logical & relevant with limited jargon and legalistic language

5. Friendly but non-condescending

Below are a few sites that we would like to draw your attention to. These are mainly competitors and gives an idea of the what they are offering. Remember that we want to try and stand out from our competitors.

www.newtomorrow.co.uk ( without such large glossy visuals on the home page)





Our existing site can be viewed here - www.easydebtsolutions.com. Please use this as reference but do not base a design on what currently exists.

Please also refer to our ebook, which we are really happy with.


Key things that need to exist from the homepage.

Call Me Back

Chat with advisor

Take the debt test

Apply online now

Customer Testimonials (maybe)

Please lend your design to 1024*768 resolution.

What we need delivered is a new homepage and a level 1 page. We will cater for the rest of the navigation/levels from this.

Good Luck



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