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We develop and sell software (JMatPro) for the prediction of properties of metallic alloys. The business operates in a niche market and does not mass-produce standard software products.

By creating a better looking website, we hope to look more professional as such increase the users confidence and increase the amount of time that he spends on the site, leading to contact the company with sales enquiries.

The most important audiences for the Sente Software website Corporate R&D departments for: materials producer, automotive industry, aerospace industry, big companies which are metals users and need to know the properties of their alloys for their applications, and Universities R&D departments.

The website will have two principal types of visitors:

a high level scientist which knows about material science, this type of customer will want a lot of meat but the information should not make the site heavy, as such we provide download of scientific papers

an engineer/scientist who is not a materials scientist himself and needs less hard science but knows that he needs data that our software can provide. He should be given a clear overview of our features and get a lot of confidence in our softwares quality.

Words that describe the core brand values of the Sente Software organisation in descending order of priority are:

1. We are working at a very high level of science and strive to provide the best.

2. We innovate.

3. We are customer driven and listen to our users.

We want the new website to look:

1. Clean

2. Good looking

2. Easy to navigate

3. Professional

Following examples of sites that we like/dislike

Website name: Transvalor

URL (web address) http://www.transvalor.com/transvalor_gb....

They are not competitors, but we are cooperating. This is very good looking and in terms of options it is close to what we require (customer area, brochure download, news,etc)

Website name Thermocalc

URL (web address) http://www.thermocalc.com/index.html


This is 1 of the 2 more likely alternatives to our software for customers. Most of the menus and items are relevant but somehow it looks heavy, not that nice and old-fashioned

Website name PANDAT

URL (web address) http://www.computherm.com/home.html


This is the second most likely alternative to our software. This is too geeky, too plain, amateurish, Our existing website is like this and this is what we need to get away from

We want a new homepage and 1st level page designed. We have attached a wireframe document that describes the layout. You can find more information about the company/products by visting http://www.thermotech.co.uk.



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