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Our company makes high-end UV (ultraviolet) light curing systems that allow printers to achieve emissions-free, high-definition printing with UV inks and coatings that dry instantly and achieve amazing special effects.

Our newest product is called the P3 UV(tm) system, which is the easiest to use, most durable, and most advanced system on the market. The P3 can be "added" to a conventional printing press at a much lower cost than purchasing a new press.

You can read more about our company, Air Motion Systems, at www.airmotionsystems.com.


The proposed design will create a new "advertising" section on our existing website (www.airmotionsystems.com). The campaign is called "ADD UV", and we have a website domain name reserved www.adduv.com, that will directly link to the new page(s).

The design goals are:

(1) promote the benefits of "adding UV" to printers who are looking to differentiate themselves and "stimulate" their businesses for the economic recovery.

(2) adding UV is accomplished effortlessly with the new P3 UV(tm) system from Air Motion Systems, which fits easily on nearly every make and model of sheet-fed and web offset printing press on the market

In other words, "Add UV" should be synonymous with "Add P3".

The "ADD UV" campaign (and web pages) will be marketed out via email blasts, banner ads on industry sites and banner ads in industry magazines. We want to draw traffic from as many sources as possible in our industry.


This is fundamentally a business-to-business campaign, but stylistically should have a high-end consumer tech look (think Dell or Apple).

The intended audience will be printing company owners and executives, printing production and technical managers, and printing sales and marketing executives. However, we also intend to draw attention from print buyers and print designers, so the design should keep these audience members in mind as well.

We want the audience to understand that Adding UV is one of the fastest ways to develop new print offerings, generate new customers and reduce costs in the printing business today.


www.apple.com - Nothing beats the look on Apple's home page and how they grab your attention to a "campaign" on the first page. This is stylistically and call-to-action-wise what we are after. Also, having a few spiffs on the bottom of the main ad could draw into various offshoots of the campaign.

www.printuv.com - this is a reference site we had designed for us to advertise a conference on UV printing that has been very successful. The site is not very functional, but the creative look is something we liked and thought we'd show you.

www.airmotionsystems.com - our existing site should tie into the new site (or at least so they don't fight each other).

Otherwise, a nice-clean design that draws a user into a main page with a main message, then draws to several pages that sequence, or walk-through the benefits, like a well-done slide show, culminating in a call to action (contact us, fill out a request form, etc.)


The basic message should contain the top x reasons to "add uv" for a printer. These are the following:

(1) It's a lot cheaper than buying a whole new press

(2) It reduces time and eliminates waste from the pressroom

(3) It creates a clean, emissions-free process for the press, which furthers sustainability

(4) It gives sales people something NEW to talk to customers about

(5) It opens the door to research and development, and new revenue opportunities in plastics, packaging, highly recycled substrates and special effects

(6) If you're already sending UV work outside, you may already have the budget

Adding UV can be thought of as basically a printers' "self-styled stimulus plan".

Benefits of Adding the P3 UV(tm) system from AMS make attaining the above goals even easier, they are:

(1) P3 fits easily into nearly all formats of sheetfed and web offset presses

(2) P3 is a modular system that can expand with the press as needs change

(3) P3 provides greater equipment flexibility through greater interchangeability

(4) P3 is the most durable UV system on the planet, and comes with a 2-year no-hassles warranty

(5) P3 cures inks and coatings inline at the highest press speeds, at up to 45% less energy than comparable systems

(6) Buying a new press? P3 can be added up-front with a new press purchase, or can be "re-installed" from an existing press to a new press in the same format within 3 years

Just like the Apple homepage, we need some "spiffs"/banner ad boxes on the bottom of the main image that link to several sub-topics. These are:

(1) Add P3 to a Sheetfed Press

(2) Add P3 to a Newspaper or Web Press

(3) Why P3? (link to benefits page on P3)

(4) UV Benefits Calculator (link to a request page for a UV benefits statement done by an AMS sales representative)


Further, we'd like to incorporate compelling testimonial quotes from our customers into the site. Ideally these would flash/flip between several quotes. A great example quote is: Our introduction to UV was one of the easiest projects I have undertaken in my 24 years in the printing industry - WS Packaging Group

NOTE about Logos: We'd like to tie in the AMS logo (see attached eps files), more for a branding consistency standpoint. Also added the logo from the printuv.com site for reference.

Some of the most progressive printers in the world are UV printers. More and more are joining the ranks. Here are some reference sites/and the message in their own words:

Here is a link to a printing customer of ours that recently added UV to a new 10-color press, and how they are using UV http://www.irwinhodson.com/services.html. They created a new process using emissions-free, soy coating called Soya-Kote http://www.irwinhodson.com/soyakote/inde....

Here is another customer of ours using UV that we added onto an existing press. They talk about the benefits and ecology of the inks and special effects. http://www.premier-press.com/service.php....

Here is a third printing company that has fully adopted UV in all its printing operations, and they talk about the benefits of the process http://metprinters.com/#/sustainability/...



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