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There are no client updates at this time.

We are looking for a bold new look for our marketing firm, Circ.us (pronounced "circus"). The current site (http://circ.us) is a Wordpress theme that we've customized but we don't feel its professional enough looking for what we do and it looks washed out with the amount of white on the page.

The Circ.us brand should be fun but modern. We don't want the look to be too cliche, so use big tops, three rings, clowns, elephants dancing and other elements sparingly or give them a totally new take. We want this to be a some what understated look from what people expect when they hear "Circus" is our name.

What will stay the same from the existing site is the navigation and the need for a featured work area that shows off some art and a description of some of our projects. The current site has a rotator that cycles through recent news or portfolio pieces.

Regarding our logo -- We are open to changing the colors of the logo as they are somewhat difficult to work with on a site design. You can also drop the tagline from the logo if it helps. I've attached a white on black version that was recently done as an example of what we're open to doing.

Here are some URLs to sites for companies that are like ours:







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