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I'm looking for a design for a website to display guides.

These could be guides to travel or events.

Guides consist of chapter which consist of information.

The information is made up of text, audio, video and pictures.


There are 2 different areas to the website public and a member


1. Common to public and member

- It's possible to search for guides or information.

- The results will then be displayed in some sort of list.

- There will be a place on the website to show the last 10 guides


- There should also be a place to show the authors of these guides.

- I'll also need a place to show the guide itself.

1. Public area

- Here it's possible to login, signup and give feedback.

- I've the login on the home section at the moment. I would also

like a "What's Guidicus" section on the home page

2. Members area

- Here the user can add, edit or delete guides.

I've attached 3 screens shots, one with the public area, one showing

the guide and the members area I have at the moment.

I'm very open to suggestions for changing the layout if it looks


The site is aimed at young to middle age relatively techo savvy

people. I'm looking for a clean design with a web2.0 look to it. I've

attachment my logo as part of the brief and want that prominent on the


This is an example of a site I like




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