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Spam Ratings is the world's first authoritativeSpam Ratings agency.

We require a website to introduce the Spam Ratings concept, methodology and our services for businesses and consumers.

Spam Ratings provides independent ratings of trust that signal customers can register with websites with confidence.

Spam Ratings rates websites and services by reviewing email customers or users receive when they register. This involves extensive research based our unique methodology and algorithms.

Good sites that reach our strict criteria and follow our Code of Good Conduct are then rated as Spam Free Sites.

Companies pay us for the right to display their Spam Free Rating or can request an independent review of their own site if they have not yet been rated.

Our Spam Free Site rating is attached below.

Please note: If you have any comments or improvements on this Spam Free Site rating then please include these in your pitch as this can only help your proposal. It would be good to see a 60x16 pixel mock up of your proposed rating.

Although the focus of our website and design should be based on the corporate market and corporate customers, individuals can use our site to search for spam free ratings or report spam abuse for us to investigate.


Introduction to our design requirements

Authoritative, corporate, credible, professional - think the Standard and Poors or Verisign of spam.

We need the web sites pages as outlined below.

We want to build the site in Wordpress so designs need to be compatible.

We also need a Spam Ratings logo to fit in with these pages.

Menu Navigation

Clean, clear and intuitive structure.

Top menu

Home page

Spam Ratings




Blog/Latest News

Each top menu item will have a sub menu with a couple of pages based on one of the new templates outlined below.

Specific requirements

One home page and three generic page templates that we can reuse with content across the site as outlined below/

Home page

Main focus of page should be introducing the concept of Spam Ratings to the corporate market ie businesses and websites who can use our services.

Company introduction - about Spam Ratings and our concept and products. Why Spam Ratings are an important and independent mark of trust and authority.

Businesses - how we can work with you ie displaying a Spam Free site rating/having your service rated/benefits of working with us.

Spam Ratings search box - has your website earned a Spam Free rating?

Then we need a consumer feature box for individuals using our site including links to:

Spam Ratings tools - see spam ratings as you surf the internet

Report spam abuse - support our ratings and help others avoid spam

Social media links to Twitter/Face Book community pages

Generic template Number 1: Information page

Versatile page that can be used as a template for information based pages across the site explaining key parts of Spam Ratings.

As an example this template could be used for standard information pages across the site include subjects such as:

Definition of Spam Ratings

How Spam Ratings calculated

Our Code of Good Conduct

About Us

Template Number 2: Corporate sales page

More of a corporate sales brochure/pitch style page ie

About our product

How a rating can help your business

Display a rating

Get a rating

Template Number 3:

Blog and latest news page

Latest news - latest press releases and Spam Ratings news

Blog - latest spam alerts, consumer feedback, spam trends and research

Other design requirements:

We need any design work/images to be supplied as the relevant component images (logo/icons) so that the page can be easily coded and implemented.

The Spam Ratings logo will also be used as an icon so we need to have16x16 pixels and 32x32 pixels size images of this logo.


The key target audience are businesses and websites who want to display or earn a good Spam Rating. The site design should be heavily weighted towards this. Internet consumers will of course be interested in our consumer section.


As outlined in our brief.


A professional, clean and authoritative website to reflect the strong and independent ratings agency we are.



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