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Creative Brief

Who are you?

YardShare.com is the first (and only) social networking site devoted to homeowner's yards.

What do you need?

We need the "Neighborhood Gossip" page redesigned. This page is meant to show all of the activity that is/has been happening on YardShare. The idea is similar to the Facebook home page, where you can quickly see all of the activity of your friends. The current layout is not very eye catching or visually stimulating. I'd like something a little more fun (maybe with a "Gossip" theme), that will display the content (pictures and text) in a user friendly way.

This is really just a single page that needs to be redesigned, but the page can be filtered to show specific types of updates. Here is the main page and a few of the variations

Main "Neighborhood Gossip" Page: http://www.yardshare.com/latest.php
New Yards Added: http://www.yardshare.com/latest.php?NYPS...
New Pictures Added: http://www.yardshare.com/latest.php?NPPS...
New Comments Added: http://www.yardshare.com/latest.php?NCPS...
New Neighbors Joined: http://www.yardshare.com/latest.php?NMPS...

Please provide one example of the redesigned main page and one example of a filtered page. The designs of those two pages could be different if needed as I can split these out into two pages.Take liberties with how many updates you think should appear for each section (I don't think one per category is right). Also, due to coding limitations, we can't design this such that it mixes all of the types of updates together and lists them chronologically (like Facebook). The updates need to be bucketed in their own sections of the page.

Who Is Your Audience?

Homeowners that love their yards or are looking for ideas & Landscape professionals. A lot of Do-It-Yourselfers use YardShare for their landscaping projects.


We Like These Examples

We haven't come across real good examples of this type of update page.

We Absolutely Must Have

Please make sure to include the current header, logo, and navigation tabs in the new layout. Everything below the tabs is fair game. Please stay within the current color scheme of the site. Include spaces for two Google Adsense ads (any size).



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