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The Dog Show is a book written by Bill Walsh and illustrated by Donna Leong. This is a children's book self published and sold at lulu.com, amazon.com, and barnesandnoble.com http://search.barnesandnoble.com/The-Dog...

The book is about a group of kids: Geety and Friends, who go through various antics to enter Geety's dog Rama-Rama into a dog show. The cast of characters are:

Geety: Our lovable heroine. She is headstrong, feisty, always fun, and everyones friend. Shes short but big, with big crazy eyes and lots of dark curly hair. She can be bossy, but you never doubt her love for everyone. (Indian)

Nay-Nay: Geetys best friend. Has a huge smile and always crazy hair that is usually in lots of barrettes. (Caucasian)

Sumi: Tiny, shy, quiet. Big doe eyes. Looks up to Geety. Physically, resembles Violet from The Incredibles (Indian)

Otis: Trouble-making guy friend of Geety. Always drags Hoob into his schemes. Skateboarder look, with baggy shorts and backwards cap. (Caucasian)

Hoob: Best friend of Otis. Tries to be the voice of reason, but gets sucked into schemes. Is physically a bit bigger than Otis. (African-American)

Jugar: Irrepressible, up for anything. (Jugar is Spanish for Lets Play.) (Hispanic)

RamaRama: Geetys dog. Big and gray, and very smart. Has a bit of an elitist personality and wry humor (a raised dog eyebrow to most of Geetys schemes)

The Bio of the author Bill Walsh is:

Bill Walsh was inspired to write Geety and Friends by the spirit of his wife (the "real" Geety, Sangeeta) and her cast of friends. Professionally, Bill is a pioneer in the mobile multimedia and application arena and lives in Chicago with his family.


A website that is bright, simple, and easy to navigate through:

When a user goes to www.geetyandfriends.com

they will get the home page, with an image of geety and the logo. The cover of the first book will be presented (and fairly large) with images of the supporting characters (geety's friends) on the page. The user can click on each image and read a quick bio on that character, or roll over that character and see a bio on each charater.

There is a 30 sec. web site clip we'd like to add after we see the final site up and running. This clip is a video of the book - The Dog Show.

From the homepage, the user can navigate to:

About the author-- this is where we can put Bill's bio and picture. Also we can put a few sketches here of the initial drafts of how he came about the characters. We may write something small here about the illustrator of the book (if she's interested in doing that). I anticipate the video will also be placed here. I told Bill having a short video on how Geetyand Friends came to "life" on pages.

Contact Geety and Friends -- This is where users can do one of the following things:

1) Join the Geety and Friends fan club where they will get updates and latest news about Geety and all her friends

2) Email Geety and friends general questions: someone@geetyandfriends.com

3) Someone is interested in selling a copy of the Dog show or future Geety and Friends book at their retail establishment : email: someone@geetyandfriends.com

I anticipate we can set up the user names and emails from register.com. Also, we'd like access to all the accounts- esp. the "fan" club inquiries, etc.

Can you set this up and access to see who has signed up for the Geety and Friends fan website?

4) Press -- This is where I'd like to do the press release and eventually adding where the book is now selling, status on the book / characters, etc.\

-- It is here that we will state you can follow GeetyandFriends on Twitter and add Geety as a friend on Facebook -- a group is being created on Facebook.

5) Where to buy - Where you can purchase the book-amazon.com and barnes and noble.com


Adults and kids alike. The book and Geety and friends has cross appeal to both kids and adults- similar to Yo Gabba Gabba and Charlie Brown, etc.


The Nick Jr., and Sid the science kid website would be inspirations to the site.


Bright colors, images, and the ability to directly purchase the book from the website at amazon, barnesandnoble, and lulu.com

Also-- to join the geety fan club and inquire about selling the book at any merchant's store. Also, we must have access to see who has joined the website, set up emails, and send out a mass email to fans with news and updates.



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