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This project is for a design mockup to be used in an eCommerce site selling various nail salon products targeted to nail salon owners. The main product will be various sizes and colors of nail buffers (example product picture attached) however other salon-oriented products will be sold including slippers and toe wedges.

The target audience is primarily females in their 30s, specifically nail salon owners, 40% of whom are Vietnamese.

Our website is going to be the first piece of creative the world sees for our brand. It must convey quality, excitement, creativity and vision in this highly creative industry. The consumers (salon techs, owners and distributors) are very brand conscious.


We will need to be able to create a CRE Loaded (http://creloaded.com/) template from your design.

You may optionally include drop down menus for the category listing or the standard CRE loaded category listing.

If you choose to incorporate a category listing and/or a shopping cart box please note that the category and shopping cart boxes are of fixed width but unknown height (i.e. no non-repeating vertical images) and are text based (i.e. we need to use CSS to create the list).

Site width should be 960px.


Keep the design clean and professional (lots of white space) and use bright, feminine colors that complement the purple of the logo for splashes of color. A magazine cover with color examples of bright and feminine has been attached (do not use the magazine cover itself as part of your design). You are not restricted to the colors on that magazine cover, we are just including it as an example of the color family we are looking for.

"Free Shipping On Orders Over $60" should be a prominent feature of your design. A phone number for ordering & questions should also be readily visible to browsers.

Curved lines, where appropriate and possible, are preferable to straight lines.

Chosen photos (or textures) used should also be feminine, bright, upbeat, modern and colorful in nature and not pictures of nail buffers or products. This is an online store and we will have plenty of pictures of products on the site, product pictures should not be part of the template.

The main site navigation will be: Home, About Us, My Account, Checkout

For a category listing please use: 2 Way Buffers, 3 Way Buffers, Half-Sized Buffers, Slippers, Toe Spacers

A shopping cart box (displaying a list of items currently in the user's cart) is preferred but not required. If you do not include a cart box please include a way for the user to access her cart (I.e. with a prominent cart icon and text).


benefitcosmetics.com - very clean and professional, good use of color, easy to navigate

starnail.com - Good use of color on the landing page, clean and bright on the home page (template itself is rather boring)

entitybeauty.com - Clean but not very colorful



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