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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We are an international company network focused on music rights management, placing the songwriters and artists at the core of our business model. Our services include the entire range of rights administration and development. As an independet music publisher with a diverse roster of artists, we see that the demand for music is greater than ever due to the growing number of channels, commercials and live performances.

What do you need?

A stunning website layout (frontpage/detail page) that helps us undermining a market position as "innovative challenger" within the music industry. By end of this project we hope to have a winning set of frontpage/detail page with a modern, emotionalized layout for a music-flavoured web presence with great usability, social media integration and the best brand association / brand awareness you can imagine. Were looking for a clear design that looks modern, innovative and high-class at the same time. If you are testing with large visuals, use dummys - think of music/artists and provide a user-friendly navigation approach in your visual design.

As the timeframe for this project is pretty tight, lets just focus on these two pages as a first approach.

One: Frontpage. Think of a page that looks inviting to you both as an licensor (artist/writer)and as someone who wants to is going to buy music licenses (agency/production).

Two: Detail Page. We think of an overview page here helping to promote/market/license a large catalog towards potential licensees or even users. Think of iTunes coverflow, a 3D artist "cloud" - you name it. Visualize filter settings or drill-down search sliders - focus on high usabiliy and visual richness.

For questions, please do not hesitate to contact us any time.

Who Is Your Audience?

Target Group:

Business Clients
- Licensors (Clients & Non-Clients!)
- Licensees (Clients & Non-Clients!)

Ohters (Press, Journalists, Competitors, Experts, Shareholders, Investors)


We Absolutely Must Have

Fonts: Please use a sans serif font. Medium (not bold, if possible) for headlines, light for body copy. Short text, that need to be emphasized, such as summaries, quotes and introductions may be set in color and larger than the rest of paragraphs.

Primary Colors:

- Red (177r,7g,37b)
- Black (or, 0g, 0b)

Secondary Colors:
- 80%/60%/40%/20% Black
- Nuances/shades of the above mentioned red color:
- 1 -> 127r, 15g, 40b (70% of the primary red)
- 2 -> 127r, 15g, 40b (slightly darker)
- 3 -> 104r, 16g, 34g (even darker)
- 4 -> 90r, 16g, 26b (darkest red)

Accent Colors:

- Blue I (16r, 59g, 123b)
- Blue II (0r, 95g, 153b)

Green (110r, 128g, 24b)
Purple (76r, 78g, 125b)
Yellow (170r, 179g, 23b)

Gradients: Grey-to-white gradients only

Images/Photography: You might want to try out using black/white images as a complement to photographs that employ the corporate colors.

Logo: We provide an altered logo for use in the design.



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