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The vision:

Create a website like postsecret.blogspot.com except targeting financial secrets.

A place where users can quickly share their stories, have an associated photo, and read other's stories. Check out the Post Secret site and you'll understand the idea more.

When it is done, it will do the following:

1. Allow users to painlessly add a secret.

2. Keep viewers engaged--once they begin viewing, continue drawing them in.

3. Provide an eventual funnel towards another personal-finance blog, e-mail newsletter, forums, etc.

4. Allow other website owners to embed a widget that streams content from MoneyUndercover.com

We need a web site that is simple, smooth, and cohesive. People go to a site like this to experience a story, not find information. Think of browsing at Ross or TJ Maxx, not searching to find content quickly.

We specifically need:

* A logo

* A design for the home page (link to a rough drawing)

* A design for the upload/add secret page (another rough drawing)

* A design for an embeddable widget. This "Stream the Secrets" widget will draw users into the site.

Note: No coding needed--just PSD designs.

Target Audience:

People interested in personal finance, sharing secrets, and community. People who enjoy browsing Post Secret (http://postsecret.blogspot.com/).

General feel:

Since this is a "money secrets" site, it should be designed accordingly: A little dark, a little confessional, tinged with guilt / surprises / uncovering secrets, not all friendly and web2.0

Similar idea, different feel to these sites:



We like these designs:


Our design would like to have:

1. The "Stream the Secrets" widget that will be embeddable (so where should the box with the code go?)

2. For the people that want to add a secret, make it as visually frictionless as possible

3. Join the MoneyUndercover Forums

4. Every third post is intended for promotional content--a visual bar with room to insert content.

5. Get updates by email (Note: like an RSS feed, e-mail site updates.)

Things that bring bad karma:

1. A site without a cohesive feel.

2. Not designing a logo.

3. A cluttered site

4. Not following the general sketches in the attached files.

Note: We changed the name from Naughty Coin to Money Under Cover--ignore the old name on the sketches.

Note 2: We just need PSD designs--no coding.



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