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About us:

TimZon (timzon.com) is a startup providing private video discussion and collaboration solution for the Enterprise.

The name can be pronounced as Team Zone, Time Zone or anyway you want.

It is aimed at facilitating asynchronous communication between geographically dispersed teams or individuals.

Here is what we need:

We need an updated look for our website's main and about pages.

We have a site in production, but we are sure that you can do better than we have designed.

Most of the website content is dynamic and the layout is adjusted automatically based on the screen resolution.

We only need design for the front page and the about page, but a template for future pages would be useful too.

We will give you and your creative mind free space to innovative but here is some wishes:

This is primarily a business focused tool.

We usually write the site name as TimZon, but if you think that the case should be different, please feel free to change it.

Feel free to touch our logo (attached) color, size, orientation or shading etc. in order to tune it up or make it completely different if you feel like it.

Welcome page:


We would like to maintain a clean and simple theme for the site, using white or light background.

The site should be gender neutral and aimed at businesses while not excluding consumer users.

The size and position of the top header (where sign in is, for example), video discussions/contact list (the vertical panel on the left) are not moveable, but are placed on the page dynamically depending of the user windows size.

The main page should include elements inviting the user to sign-in to the site (See our "check it out" on the current site) and explain simple steps and benefits in an exciting way: (eg.: The crowdspring main page explain clearly what the site does).

- Sign In: Use color and contrast to make the Sign In button stand out (people need to find it easily).

- Simple steps to get started (needs to be highly visible and contain something close to the following):

1. Create a discussion for your project.

2. Choose who gets invited.

3. Record videos instead of sending email.

4. Collaborate like never before. ( Bold?)

Make the Simple steps snippet on the landing page as clear and concise as possible. (We don't want the user to have any confusion about what the website is doing.)

The current site has the logo bleeding down into the discussion area. We're interested in keeping this element.

The privacy and terms of service links can move to where the copyright is on the current page. They don't have to stay in the upper right.

About page:


This page is used by our users to :

+Learn more about us:

- Address

- Phone

- EMail

- Twitter

- Blog

+ Submit request for support, enhancement or share ideas.

This page is completely customizable (we're open to your creativity) but the header section should be similar to the main page.

As with the welcome page, we like the overlap of the logo and the content.

Here is some more information:


Gender neutral.

Ages: 18 and up (it's generally for businesses)

Entry level technical proficiency (casual web user).

Brand image:

Color: Clear/White/Light (something light) for the background.

Feel: Simple / Minimalist

Emotions: Professional / Fast

What we need:

For the final delivery we need Photoshop files with layers suitable for use in constructing a full working website. We will also need JPG and PNG of the various elements.

We will give feedback immediately to every participant and feel free to ask if you have any questions!



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