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Our MMA school in San francisco needs a web design to go with our new logo. We're an elite school with a tough reputation, and we need a site that is classy, yet bold. Our teacher is from mainland China, so there's an obvious Asian connection. We also started off as a kung fu school. Now the school, more than 12 years later, is a large MMA school with state-of-the-art facilities and professional fighters teaching classes.

We need a site design that is bold, clean, and classy. We have a logo (attached.) The letterforms are custom - we don't have a complete font. We need a site built to match this logo, in the same red, black, and white (and maybe yellow, if needed.)

The page should be red and black on a white bgrd. There should be:

1. a footer with copyright notice

2. a header with logo and menu

3. a sidebar with "recent news" and a calendar widget.

There need to be a few different pages:


breakdown by page :

1. SIFU LUO - an about page about our teacher, with a large picture and some text.

2. NEWS - this will be driven by a blog, so each post should have a title, date, author, and a "read more" link when the text is too long for the news page.

3. MEDIA - this section can have the same layout as the news section but the posts will be video and photos.

4. CLASSES - will be one large graphic of the weekly class schedule, and text beneath that describing the classes.

5. SCHOOL - several pictures interlaced with text about the school.

Don't be afraid to take some chances - be bold.

current and prospective kung fu / mma students and press.

there are no good kung fu school websites, but i like these layouts





i'm not sure those will help, but they all have clean layouts. Our site can have a bit more, visually.

The design must fit with the logo - the section headers and menu SHOULD evoke the font in the logo, and not too many fonts should be used on the page. use negative space well. The page should also be balanced. The content section should be fixed, centered in the middle of the page, but the background of the header and footer, if there is one, should stretch out to infinity. (like this site http://kottke.org/ )



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