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Business Info

Business Name

Maly Marketing

What do you do?

This is for a campaign educating people on the Human Society of the United States (HSUS) and their intentions. The website will use videos, social media and copy to get the message out.

Do you have a desired website screen size?

Normal size of 1024x768 is perfectly fine.

How many pages (maximum of 5) do you need designed?

I need a design for the homepage and a design for an inner page. The innerpage will be an About Us page.

Target Audience

What is your industry?

This is a political website that will talk about the intentions of HSUS. Its a small site that will use multi-media heavily to get out the message.

Describe the target audience for your website design

This website's target is the residents of Nebraska. It will be for the general public but especially for farmers, pig farmers, cattle ranchers and chicken raisers. We need to have a Midwestern feel through the design.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your website design

1. Video should be the main call to action with a big donate button being #2.
2. The seriousness of what HSUS is trying to do. Using graphics from Nebraska showing farmland, the state capitol, corn fields, cattle and other types of farming communities.
3. We want a warm, open feeling.

How is your company different from your competitors?

This is a political campaign so it important to get our message out. Its a site that is supposed to oppose what HSUS stands for. We are fighting against letting them lobby for certain laws and its important to get this fact across.

Style and Concept

What website design styles do you like?

We want it open and really warm feeling while highlighting scenes from Nebraska. We also need to have a video play right on the homepage and have a live Facebook feed. Here are some sites that we like the layout of:
http://www.mailservicepros.com (like the callout boxes at the bottom. One of the callout boxes for this should be a facebook feed)
http://www.mofarmerscare.com/ (We like the layout but hate the colors)
http://www.co.lincoln.ne.us (really like the header of this site)

What colors do you want to see in your website design?

We want it to be political, strong colors. Sky blue should be prominent. Grays are good as well.

What colors do you NOT want to see in your website design?

No reds or oranges or any shades of those. Need to be strong, political colors of power.

What adjectives should best describe your website design?

Clean and to the point. Video and donate button are front and center. Our message is going to be concise and we will deliver it via multi-media. Very strong political, micro-site.

What content must be included in the website design?

There will be a video on the homepage with a prominent donate button. We'll also have a contact us page, an about us page, a news page, a media page and a facts page.

Do you have additional requirements or links you want to share?

For more information on this campaign, please check out this site:

Also we are modeling this site after:



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