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We are looking for a fresh redesign of the Mediafly welcome page body section.

Don't worry about header, navigation, and footer, etc. (i.e. see attached -- don't worry about the grayed out part)

Below I have described the objective this page must achieve, specific things that must be present, design requirements, and some ideas (which can be used or not -- your call).


The objective of the Mediafly welcome page:

1) Introduce people to Mediafly and what we do which is to:

a) allow you to find shows you like, create personalized channels of audio and video content

b) and play them online via our very cool web player

c) or play them on a host of other devices from iphones and mp3 players to home stereos and tvs via emerging devices.

d) share your shows and channels with your friends or the mediafly community

2) Quickly give someone new a "blink" understand of the depth of content and categories they can find on mediafly. So, someone older and less tech savvy would see channels/topics/shows they are interested in and at so would someone younger.

note: you DO NOT have to use anything on the current welcome page. feel free to do it how you feel.


The welcome page must be:

1) "web 2.0" friendly and easy

2) professional and clean yet edgy -- must appeal to all types of web users.

3) Design for min size of 1024 wide

4) You can design assuming the user can scroll down (i.e. you don't have to fit everything above the "fold")


* The following things should always be present and should not be hidden behind tabs or alternate views. We really want to elegantly display all on the page so that users can just look at the site and see what Mediafly has to offer.

1) The many different popular channels that are available and some of the popular shows that are in them.

2) A method to dig into a channel deeper and see more stuff in a particular channel

3) A method to start playing a channel from the welcome page which would pop up our player.

4) should convey that we have both audio and video content.

5) A "get started" method where the user can select some channels he/she likes and jump into our quickstart process. note: this does not have to be check boxes like are on the current welcome page; But it should have a method to select multiple topics of interest and then "go"...

6) A space to promote some popular and recommended devices that you can listen and watch your Mediafly channels. Such as:

a) iPhone/iPods

b) Chumby (www.chumby.com)

c) PopcornHour (www.popcornhour.com)

and some way (e.g. small icons) to see if it is an audio or video device and if it is a device for your home or for on the go.

7) a space that promotes several popular mediafly users (e.g. a picture of the user's avatar and the channels of theirs which are popular) so that users can either click on their channel and see more or start playing right there.


Idea: Include a "start the experience" or something similar where they just select a channel, select audio or video, and start playing via our pop up player.

idea: Use smaller versions of the guys that are on the current welcome page. The guy with the wings is supposed to be Mediafly and the green guy is supposed to be the user.



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