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Doozer Software is a 12-year-old custom software development company located in Birmingham, AL.

Our position:

We are technology agnostic. We believe very strongly that one should first identify and understand the business need. And only with that understanding should one architect a solution, using appropriate technologies that fit the need. We do not align ourselves with vendors and lead with a pre-conceived solution to any problem thats why you dont see whoever - gold certified type vendor allegiances on our site. We are skilled in a wide variety of technologies including the very latest in toolkits from Microsoft, Oracle/Sun, and others. Its easy to work with us in business terms. We dont believe you need to hear or think about technical mumbo-jumbo. If a client has a strong technical team with specific preferences, great! We can work with any type of technology. If not, no problem! We can handle the technical aspects on our side. We use Agile methodology and produce results quickly and iteratively.

Our guiding principals:

Software development is complicated and risky. Failure is expensive both in hard dollars and in lost opportunity. The cost of success is cheap. We offer services to mitigate software development risk. Each offering is designed to help customers with varied needs achieve success.

Our three offerings are:

Project Services We do the work as an outsourced provider. We use our own resources to provide a complete lifecycle of services, or whatever portions the client needs. We tend to start from scratch as opposed to customizing off-the-shelf products, unless thats exactly what is called for. When appropriate, we use our own, proven development framework that accelerates delivery and aids in producing complex, robust solutions quickly.

IT Staffing We provide highly qualified, experienced IT contract, permanent placements, and contract-to-hire resources to our clients that are handling projects in house but need additional temporary or long-term skill sets to fill gaps.

The R&D Bunker We provide an off site development bunker for our clients employees to collaborate on a project. We host the development team in our offices and surround them with the tools they need to be successful. This has several advantages: a reduction in development expense outlay since the client uses their own resources, a heightened focus on the project by eliminating day-to-day distractions, mentoring by seasoned project managers and architects from our team, software development infrastructure that allows a quick startup, skill augmentation by our resources when needed, an accelerated project timeline, and a knowledgeable in house staff to carry things forward upon delivery.

More about us:

We really like what we do and we are really good at it. We take pride in our approach to our engagements. We listen, we learn and we understand before we begin an engagement. We listen to what the client wants; we learn their lingo and constraints, and we understand the issues. We then propose an appropriate solution taking into account time and resource limitations. We dont make a lot of noise with tech talk about servers, load balancing, .net 3.5 and wpf or anything else. We dont presume a specific set of tools, language or framework is the right answer every time. We let the requirements drive us to an appropriate solution.

We take our work seriously. It is key that we project a professional image. But, we cant help it, were a fun crowd. It goes back to our name, Doozer. It was inspired by a childrens show called Fraggle Rock. Everyone remembers the Fraggles. Theyre cute, sure. But they were more than a little irresponsible. The Doozers did all the work. They DO stuff. Theyre DOERS. Theyre DOOZERS. Were DOOZERS. We get stuff done. They built amazing crystal structures; we build amazing software.


We need a new, updated, clean, cool logo.

We need a new website design template/theme and color palette that will inspire our new site.


We target large corporations within a 50-mile radius of Birmingham. Specifically, we are targeting the CIO, business unit managers and business unit IT managers. This group tends to be equally male and/or female, forty-something professionals, highly educated and tend to be conservative. We want to convey our competence and professionalism. We also want show that we have a sense of humor, but not so much that it takes away from a professional image. In other words, wed like cool/subtle funness that fits. Not a silly/comic type image.


www.schematic.com is way cool, but way too much for our needs

www.healthport.com we like the color coded sections and the clean look

www.microsoft.com we like the use of white and shades of gray


www.doozer.com Check out our current site for a good example of what we dont want.



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