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There are no client updates at this time.

With the help of crowdSpring, here is our second project for OursLive: the main site navigation! This is a dynamic web app, not a mostly static, landing page, so please note the difference in order to be successful. ;)

The main site navigation has five "sections": Home Page , Albums, Words, People, Talks and World.

We need a consistent graphical style applied to the main site navigation for the following items.

1) The home page design matching suggested content.

NOTE: We intentionally overlap with the logo project to experiment with the process, helping us see which logo candidate would work out better. Please select any logo you like from the logo project or use your own. The logo project is here: http://www.crowdspring.com/projects/grap...

We suggest the ones rated at least 3's, particularly 4's and of course 5's (use the filter/sort to more easily see); but if you want to create a design to promote a logo that we may have thought to be less likely, welcome to surprise us! Please talk with logo designers (or simply use their screenshots from the project; we all understand where these come from ;). You may also create a design that works well with a few logo candidates you like. Your choice. Your freedom. Let us know if we can help coordinate/communicate.

That said, if you decide to start after the logo project ends, that works, too! But you may feel more time-constrained or creativity-restrained. (Besides, if we see a few equally compelling combinations, we may award two or three winners there and here. So, logo designers, go pitch your logos to good website designers, too!)

2) Many common, reusable elements in the current layout as you navigate through each "section" or page.

- "Labels" widget in "Albums" section (on the left hand side)

- Widgets on the right hand side of pages

(e.g. "What' neat?" or "Recently Viewed" widget. The content on the right side can change, e.g., we may not put "What's Neat?" up, after all.)

- Top Navigation menus (the primary and secondary menus) in Words, People and sub-sections under Albums (e.g. the "Most" -> "Recent" content or "Labels" -> "Most Recent" page).

- "Labels" area when clicking "Labels" at the top/primary navigation menu in Words, People and sub-sections under Albums.

- The media type navigation menu on the left hand side in the "Albums" section and "People" -> "Creators" section.

- Search result navigation menu (in any Labels section, Talks or World section)

- The floating layer for labels (when you click on '>>' next to a label)

- The floating layer for 'Talk' (when you are on an individual label page under World; or on an individual board page under Talks section)

- The pagination style

3) "Albums" -> "All" page. Note the missing content but we know you can easily extrapolate what those contents would look based on current ones. ;)

4) Style/design on:

- Rated and Described page template (appear in each section)

- individual Label page template (click into any label under Albums, Words and People)

- "Words" -> "Categories" top navigation area

5) Talks section: Style/design on

- the top Talks page

- the individual board page (topics and messages views)

- the topic view of a discussion

6) World section: style/design for

- the top World page

- the individual label page

7) Style/design for representing:

- an album

- a generic user with no photo

- (optional) the writing synopsis/summary (as seen on Words)

IMPORTANT: Because of the non-disclosure nature of the site (see our note on this in the logo project), by participating, we assume you have read and agreed to the NDA. (linked there). As such, please submit ONLY the home page here on this project area, and other items through a private forum at crowdSpring whose details we will provide privately later.

For items (2) - (7), feel free to combine pieces together to form one entry, or you can show them in the context of whole pages, as this may require less work to post (or maybe you have creative touches on the pages that you'd like to show.)

For the project amount, our standard expectation is that you can simply work with the current suggested layout and workflow, so you can focus just on the graphics (please dont, though, think that a wireframe box has to be boxy in your design. Be creative and design whatever you see fit!) However, if you would like to propose a different, new design, please feel free; we will compensate more if chosen.

Deliverables: please provide the graphics in proper format (jpg or gif), the cut-and-ready graphical pieces (e.g. corners, borders, gradient backgrounds) and CSS styles needed for us to assemble the pages. If you can provide the already mock-up HTMLs, we love you (this love can materialize into some useful form later, like promoting your work on the site ;)

Thanks and look forward to seeing your creativity!



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