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RecipeMela.com is a food social network geared towards Indian foodies and Indian food bloggers. We are a 2 people startup for now.

On the site, users can sign up for a new account, post recipes, explore - search recipes, rate recipes, make friends with other foodies and ask cooking related questions to the community.

Currently, we have the live site on www.recipemela.com - the design was done by ourselves -- and as you can tell, we are no designers. So, we are looking for a complete visual overhaul of the site design - not only the color scheme but the layout as well (please dont use the current live site as a base / reference for the design or the colors). We are big fans of web 2.0 design, layout and colors. We like appropriate, good use of whitespace and keeping things simple. At the same time, the target audience is females mainly (age group: 20 - 50), so the color scheme should appeal to the feminine sense.

Dont let any of these suggestions restrict your creative juices - if you can come up with something out of the box, we're open to that as well. The current live site has a few additional changes - we've added a per user newsfeed / activity stream, similar to the one in Facebook. Also, we're planning to add a Contest's section on the site.

We're pretty flexible in terms of altering our site content / modules to fit the design as well as in terms of the site colors / layout.

The site has no logo yet - feel free to post any questions / clarifications you might need.


1) Home page: This will have a module for latest recipes, a most popular recipes module, a info box about what recipemela is (providing link to signup), a latest users module, a latest activity stream (across all users) module and when the contests section goes live, we'd like to add a box / link to that from the home page as well. we're not imposing any restrictions on the size of photos or the number of recipes on the home page - currently on recipemela.com, we have one big image followed by several other thumbnails -- you can change it to any format you like - for example, simply show thumbnails or show only one big image -- whatever -- we leave it upto your creativity.

2) Recipe Detail Page:

this page will have the recipe details, additional recipe photos, user info/avatar on who contributed the recipe, link to send PM or friend request to the recipe contributor, social bookmark links, ratings module, a similar recipes module, and a comments section for logged in users to comment on the recipe.

3) User profile page:

Will list user details, including recipes posted by this user, recipes favorited by this user, friends for this user, and questions asked by this user. If viewing own profile, user should also see the links to edit profile, change password, change avatar etc.

4) An answers page:

Will list most recent 20 questions asked by users, including a link to ask a question. Could have a list of 5 questions that are still awaiting an answer. Also, msot answered questions.

5) Leaderboard : Each user gets karma based on their activity on the site - the number of recipes posted, the comments they make, the # of answers etc. The leaderboard lists the top 10 users

based on karma

6) Recipes page - will list all recipes and a search form to filter by latest, most viewed, most rated , cuisine etc.

7) Bloggers page: This page lists the latest posts by Indian food bloggers.

8) A post recipe page: Where users can post a new recipe

9) login/signup page - shouldnt need any explanation.

Please dont be constrained by the modules that are currently present on the live site. If you feel that a particular page could be better without sidebar or a particular module or if an additional module could be added, feel free to do so. We are open to changing our code to accommodate if the design needs it.

Also, there should be a search bar for recipes that should be accessible easily.


Mainly female (20-50 age group). Many will be existing food bloggers.


37 signals, most of the sites from the ycombinator portfolio, bbc good food.

we dont like any of the popular food sites like grouprecipes, food network etc. allrecipes is ok but dont like the color too much.


We're looking for some originality & creativity in terms of design & layout. Something refreshing might be better than the vanilla layout for social networks. Something that is not just a regular food site look alike.

We were also thinking if it might be a good idea to incorporate colors found in natural foods into the site -- we're not quite stubborn about it though.



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