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ChatMAO.com is an internet entertainment site that re-posts random, funny, raunchy, ridiculous, and the most LMAO chats submitted by anonymous users. These users will be able to paste brief snippets of chats, and chatMAO will automatically change the chatters names. Users can also read, rate, tag, and comment on all of the chats on chatMAO. Users can also search chats by tag, popularity, date, genre, pseudonym/title, and any other information that is identifiable on chatMAO.

In other words, chatMAO is three things:

1. a place to share chats

2. a place to rate, tag and comment on chats

3. a place to search for chats

Get the concept?


We need a clean, compelling, and unique Web 2.5 site designed with an eye towards the purpose of chatMAO. We need something different from anything else online. We are not designers, but we know what we like. The attached Excel file lists examples of sites we like and why we like them. Please use it to inspire you.

We need 4 pages:

1. About, FAQ, and Terms Although three separate pages, these three pages should look the same.

2. Blog Traditional horizontal orientation will suffice, but if you have an interesting concept, try us. We are always open to creativity.

3. Filtered Chats (i.e., bytag, popularity, date, genre, or pseudonym/title) and Home The page should indicate by which variable (i.e., popularity, genre, etc.) the chats were filtered.

4. Submit Here is how we want it to work: Users will be able to copy no more than 10 complete lines of a chat transcript. (We define a line as every time the speaker changes.) Users will paste these chat snippets into the main input field of the submission interface. The submission interface will automatically identify the names in the chat. Below the main input field for the chat, will be two smaller input fields. Next to each smaller input field will be one of the names automatically identified by the submission interface. The user may enter a new title in either smaller input field to replace the original name in the chat. Example titles we envision include boss, ex-girlfriend, frat brother, etc. If users dont want to submit a title, they can identify the genders of the speakers and our site will generate an appropriate random pseudonym . User must change the names in the chat before being able to submit.

A mock-up is attached. It demonstrates the anonymous submission feature described here. Of course, we are not designers, so please take any creative liberties you want with the aesthetic of the widget. The mock-up is just an example. Dont let it hamper your vision.

Each page must include the following

Ads Each page must feature ads of a standard size in a creative, unique, and non-intrusive way. Slapping an ad at the top or on the side without more just isnt good enough.

Lifestream - An integral part of maintaining interest on each page will be a small area of the interface devoted to streaming updates about chatMAO (e.g., tweets, Google alerts, facebook.com status messages, etc.)

Social Networking Widgets for chatMAO A small area should be devoted to widgets that allow users to become facebook.com fans of chatMAO, MySpace buddies with chatMAO, or to follow the chatMAO twitter, etc.

Bookmarking/sharing chats A widget should allow users to share chats via digg, email, facebook.com, twitter etc. When this widget is activated, the window or whatever manifestation is envisioned should creatively include a small (likely static) banner ad. The bookmarking/sharing widget on nytimes.com is a good example.

Logo A copy of the logo is attached. The logo should also provide inspiration of the rest of the interface. Please take liberty with the coloring of the logo. While we are happy with the logo, we think letting your imagination run free will lead to the best result.

Navigation Each page must feature the same unique navigation system. We want something different from the traditional top, far-right, or far-left navigation system but we are open to unique variations.

Search Users should be able to search for chats from any page. Consider creatively and uniquely incorporating the search prompt/widget in an intuitive location.

Submit Each page must feature the chat-submission widget as described above.


Our target audience includes anyone who loves chatting and finds sites like textsfromlastnight.com, failblog.org, fmylife.com entertaining. We are also targeting an audience that includes younger users, boys and girls 14-18 as well as young men between ages 19-28. Therefore, we need a design that appeals to a broad cross-section of internet users.


We have a clear idea of what we want. But were not designers. If you understand our concept and inspiration strikes you in a different way than we have described, please toss our directives, and show us something truly beautiful and unique. Beauty, creativity and uniqueness always win.

Please contact us with any questions.

Happy pixel pushing,

The chatMAO Team


Your creativity! So feel free to take some risk - laugh a little and have fun!



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