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Get your creative juices flowing!

We are an internet start-up company currently in development (server-side) and looking to design a web experience that provides users and potential customers with a clear understanding of our product and how we can solve their client retention needs.

Our business: planetgo.com provides an innovative way for small businesses (hair stylists, golf courses, nail salons, anyone with a client list and/or an appointment book) to stay connected to their clientele and "keep them coming back".

How it works: Our customers are provided with a very simple turn-key solution that allows their clients to follow upcoming sales, specials or any other important communications via a mobile device (primarily cell phones) or the web. Our customers communicate to their clients that they can stay updated on upcoming sales or specials by texting a keyword to a special phone number ("text follow Hair&Nails to #####"). This action then connects their clients to a communication network that is updated periodically with important information from our customers.

Example: Hair&Nails, a local beauty salon, informs their clients to text "follow Hair&Nails to #####". Once their client does this, they will start receiving periodic sales, specials or other communications from Hair&Nails via a mobile device and at the planetgo.com website. To send out the periodic updates, Hair&Nails can enter the message via mobile device or the planetgo.com website.

Design of the planetgo.com web experience: We are needing a landing page that best describes the planetgo.com business to our potential customers (ex: Hair&Nails). We also need to carry the design theme (colors, layout etc) to specific customer and client pages: Our Customer Page - after logging in, they can schedule new communications and see messages they have previously posted. Their Client Page - after logging in, they can manage how they are notified and see messages previously sent to them. (example screen shots attached).

All clean and crisp. Here are some existing web sites that have caught our eye:





Design thoughts (just thoughts) for the landing page:

A) Show the 3 easy steps to improve client retention / keep your appointment book filled

1. Tell your clients to text "follow YOU to #####"

2. Post messages (50% off sale today only) to your clients via text or the web

3. Enjoy a full day of business!

B) Show customers lining up at the door to get in...This could be you with planetgo.com.

C) Keep your appointment book filled and your clients very happy!

File types we need:

editable/layered .psd file(s)

appropriate image files

XHTML/CSS would be great, but we do understand that it is not part of the current CrowdSpring contract

Uploaded files:

current logo design...

screenshots of existing customer and client pages (simply used for development of the server-side code)...

Please let us know if you have any questions. We're looking forward to seeing your amazing ideas!



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