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Let me tell you about us.

Vanillawork is somekind of small creative company that do some photography work. It based on any photography material (photo making, digital imaging, retouching, and any creative products that are related).We do any kind of photowork wether for comercial or non comercial use. We do the work in small, warm, active, and creative atmosphere. We love to discuss bout the work that will or already have done. Find out what's best for our costumer. And hopefully, people enjoyed the work with satisfied mind. Vanillawork founded in mid 2006.

Here is what we need:

A simple smart logo that represent us, a logo that could also use as a branding tools and could be our signature in every product released by us. We also need to put it in our website.

Our target audience is:

Young people, active,smart, and apreciative. People that love to be involved with photography.

We like these designs:

A simple design that pressented this company as young, energic, and creative. We love vanilla, so it would be better if the color dominate the website.

we like this design :





Our design absolutely must have:

we usually use "Gigi.ttf" font type to write vanillawork.. any color is possible.. and we need everything to build a website.. all we have just small amount of portofolio...

on home page, we need a little about our latest news and our recent works to showing up to our clients



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