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Background & Branding Stuff

As part of our overall Hostroute (and associated brands) transformation project (of which our new CORE Billing & Customer Management system is a major part) a requirement has arisen for a new website @ www.hostroute.com that will have existing brands and services merged together.

Nameroute and Myqth as seperate brands will be eliminated, instead the new Hostroute.com site will have two major sections to focus on our two major product areas:

- Domains

- Hosting

Hostroute.co.uk will simply re-direct to Hostroute.com, and the new Hostroute.com site will display currencies in either Pounds (default), USD or Euros depending on the origin country of the end user.

Nameroute.com and co.uk will re-direct to the new Domains section of Hostroute.com (www.hostroute.com/domains)

Myqth as a seperate brand will cease to exist, and will re-direct to www.hostroute.com/legacymyqth which will explain that the Myqth brand has been folded into Hostroute.com Hosting plans, and that the new plans we now have @ Hostroute are really competitive. It will also explain that pricing for existing customers is locked in for 12 months.


* The new Hostroute.com website will serve customers from all around the world, in 3 different currencies, but only language will always be British English.

* We can either keep the existing Hostroute logo, or a new one can be designed if this makes more sense.

* We need a simple top format menu structure that allows easy access to the 3 main products Hostroute sell.

* The site will sell three main products: Hosting, Domain Names, SSL Certificates. The latter is of less importance compared to the first two. Therefore 3 clear sections will be needed, and the 3 main product groups represented on the home page.

* Each product section must have its own sub menu, and own home page. For example, customers who used to previously visit www.nameroute.com or nameroute.co.uk are obviously looking for domains, they will need to be directed to www.hostroute.com/domains in the future, which is the product section for Domain Names, and is tailored towards the purchase of domains.

* We probably need a menu at the bottom of the page with the following quick links: About. Contact Us. Terms & Conditions. Accompanied by the normal copyright gubbins.

* We probably need a login box for CORE to be available on every page (so maybe built into the header at the top of the page?).

Summary of the main pages to be designed

Home Page (www.hostroute.com) - The home page should feature special offers, a domain search box, access to our Twitter feed and access to our Blog.

Hosting (www.hostroute.com/hosting) - this will sell our Virtual Hosting to customers.

Domains (www.hostroute.com/domains) - this will sell over 96 domain extensions to customers using our innovative checker functionality (checkout http://checker.nameroute.com to get an idea). Space for special domain name promotions is required.

SSL Certificates (www.hostroute.com/ssl) - this will sell a variety of SSL cerficates on both a stand alone basis (for use with other hosts) and for use with Hostroute hosting.

Support (www.hostroute.com/support) will offer Technical and Customer Service/Billing Support to customers purchasing all the various products. Will offer access to the Hostroute Helpdesk, as well as ways of contacting Hostroute. FAQ's and video guides to using/buying Hostroute services.

Blog (www.hostroute.com/blog) - pretty self explanatory! You can see our current blog here: http://blog.hostroute.com, clearly we want to incorporate this into the rest of the site properly.

We like these websites:



www.37signals.com we love the Web 2.0 style.

What we are looking for in regards to this spec

* We are looking for a concept and subsequent graphic design only

* Our development team will put the code behind the design (Ruby)

* Delivery of the design in PSD format via email once design is approved by us.

* A designer that can continue to assist with updates/modifications beyond the scope of this project.



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