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Who we are:

Introniche is based in city of Brussels, in the capital of Europe and the Kingdom of Belgium. At IntroNiche, it's all about introducing you to niche markets

We believe marketing is about reaching niche markets in relevant ways

We want to make it easy for you to connect with real people who touch a similar niche market to yours and are open to cooperative win-win deals

We want this marketplace to be open, direct and fun

We promise to treat you like we'd want to be treated ourselves

We encourage you to treat the other people on this platform in the same way

Or to put it slightly more corporate: IntroNiche leverages an international platform that connects people targeting the same marketing target group, in order to promote meaningful cooperative marketing deals for all sizes of organization including small companies and individuals.

I used to work for eBay, where I often needed to set up barter marketing deals. For instance, I would bargain with all kinds of trade fair organizers to get a free stand in exchange for publicity on the eBay site and in their newsletters. I loved these deals. They were fun to make, and genuine win-win solutions! But nothing existed to help companies and people make these deals. And so, introniche.com was born!

What we need:

Our existing website is at www.introniche.com and were looking for a brand new look. Weve looked at the work on this site and are very impressed with the quality and creativity and thought this would be a great challenge to the designers here to help design a site that could become a very prominent business platform for businesses around the world.

I am open-minded about the new look but have a few suggestions:

1. I'm especially anxious to replace this image with royalty-free graphics which really demonstrate what cross-promotion and co- marketing is all about.


2. Here are some things Ive thought about, but please use your great creativity to come with something better! Ive thought about having: five different images of people promoting each other's business to their clients to convey the idea "I'll promote you if you promote me". Imagine one entrepreneur (male) holding up a signpost with a picture of another entrepreneur (female) while the other entrepreneur (female) hands out leaflets with an image of the male entrepreneur on it.

Or imagine the same two entrepreneurs showing each other's websites on their respective laptops.

Another idea is to show the two entrepreneurs pointing at each other to their clients.

The female entrepreneur could sell children's clothes, the male entrepreneur children's toys.

(sexist, I know but hey!) Or female fashion vs. male fashion. Or iPod's vs. computers.

The main idea is: I promote you as you promote me.

3. This is Important: Images need not come from photos. You can include an illustration (which I actually would prefer something illustrated/cartoonish yet professional. See for instance the artwork here: http://www.respect16.be/nl/index.cfm

Our target audience is:

Individuals and companies of all sizes looking for cooperative marketing deals around the world.

Our design absolutely must have:

Colour codes:

PANTONE 151 U: #F77F00

PANTONE 363 U: #3D8E33


Well need to receive the graphics in the formats we required and make sure that they are ready to be printed (well use on the Internet and in print).

NOTE: If were happy with the results, well post a follow-up project for buttons and icons for newsletters and page illustrations (or if the designer we select is able to do these things, we might work directly with that designer).

Were looking forward to seeing some great designs. Please ask any questions if anything is not sufficiently clear.

I can be reached on Skype during the process.



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