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We are a print-on-demand website that produces highly personalised greeting cards for consumers.

With photos you have taken, you personalize them with a speech bubble or caption, add a message, and then add an address. We print and post our orders within 1 working day to anywhere in the world.

We have APIs / image feeds from Facebook and Picasa. In addition, you can personalize your photos using effects from PhotoFunia. We also have a gallery of over 1,000 photos and designs.

We have 2 formats - a quirky "Touchnote" format (a square card with wings), as well as a postcard format.

We also have a mobile offering (postcards via your iPhone or Nokia app)

Please note - whilst we are looking for significant creative input, these pages must gel well with the rest of the site. These are the only pages that are currently being "revamped".


These pages must have a LOW bounce rate


It needs to look like a homepage for an upscale ecommerce site. It should follow proven homepage formats that the large, successful, high-transaction sites are using. It needs to be a quick load page. However, the homepage should also be the start of a "fun" experience, with the user wanting to come back for more.

This page will serve as a a landing page for google traffic (SEO and PPC), as well as referral traffic.

There are 2 main CTAs that start the flow. These should be:

What you can make with Touchnote

- "Touchnote card"

- "postcard"

The page should include the following features - note, these have been listed in some order of importance.

- Product shots

- List of 5 occasions (each should be clickable)

- List of 5 categories (each should be clickable)

- Offer information - ie pricing "from as little as 0.99 + delivery", delivery details "we print and post within 1 working day", worldwide "we will send your card anywhere" (each is clickable)

- Testimonials (nothing clickable)

- "How Touchnote can make your life better" - w/ 4 answers (ie 1 - save you going shopping, 2 - show you off your photos , 3 - make you way more popular, 4 - show people you actually care) (not clickable)

- Image sources - "Our friends" Facebook, Picasa, and PhofoFunia. Note - Photofunia is not a logo that is recognized by the public (each image partner should be clickable)

- Link to "Touchnote for Mobile" - (inspiration from 37Signals homepage and how it links to products)

- Link to "Touchnote public gallery" - clickable link to a page that has constantly updated examples of people's Touchnote cards

- "how to" video (nothing to click)

- blog incl feed of most recent posting (click to go to main blog page)

- newsletter sign up (click to submit email)

- Green copy (identical to current copy on homepage)

Landing page

This page landing pages should be in a format that can be customised to reflect different keywords/campaigns. The example used should be for Christmas.

This page is for visitors who have been looking for personalisable Christmas cards online using a search engine. Info:

- 3 clear CTAs to start process Upload Photo, Choose Design and Choose Pack

- Pricing information needs to be clear - 1.99 plus postage- falling to 99p when you buy more and 10 + postage for packs

- Product shots

- Description of overall process (with graphical/image representation):

1. Upload photo/Choose Design

2. Personalize photo/Design

3. Write message

4. Write address

5. Pay

- Copy for product description 200 characters

- Product Details:

1 - 350 gsm high quality glossy stock

2 - Size: 4x4


We are targeting mainly English speaking, web savvy, women:male mix of 70:30, average age of ~28, 80% of users aged between 20 and 40

There are 2 main characters:

- the "CEO mum", who runs all aspects of the home - including photos

- the "have fun with photos" 20-something, who spends a lot of time on the internet - esp Facebook.



mint.com - great easy to use site.

37signals.com - something for everyone, excellent

johnlewis.com v clear to see what the site's about

zazzle.com - a huge amount of choice, but very well laid out

moo.com - a very successful print on demand player that has generated huge loyalty and awareness. Great use of minimal colours.

Landing page:

Please note competitor landing pages - these should be used for inspiration:

photobox.co.uk/shop/cards - product is very obvious and clear

uk.moo.com/en/products/christmas_cards.p... - great clarity and layout

note other competitor landing pages - http://www.google.com/search?client=safa...


- Consistently use the base elements of our brand. Attachment has necessary assets

- Use much more white space than we currently use



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