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Creative Brief

Who are you?

Tell your phone what to do! Vlingo is the worlds only voice enabled action engine. Our mobile apps enable users to search the web, send texts/emails, update Facebook/Twitter, make a phone call, and much more. Simply speak to your phone to do almost anything:
Text John, You want to grab a bite tonight?
Order cheap Chinese food.
Whats the population of Portugal?
Update Facebook, Check out these pics of our new puppy, Bubba!
Call Oprah.

What do you need?

We need a refreshed homepage design with two internal page templates one optimized for driving transactions, one built to allow potential customers to easily access and experience content. We will need the final product to be layered PSDs for each of these pages. No coding is necessary.
In the attached Excel doc, you will see our current plan for site navigation, as well as either a Transactional or Informational designation for each of our content areas. Take a look to get a sense of what each page will be set up to do, and how they fit into the overall plan for the site. Please consider the Phones section when building the Transactional Template, and the What Is Vlingo section when creating the Informational Template.

Who Is Your Audience?

Our audience is smartphone users. People on the go, who live busy lives, or who appreciate the convenience of being able to command your phone simply by using your voice. The app is fast, easy, and convenient, not to mention far safer in certain instances (i.e. driving) than using your hands. Our customers are working moms, early adopters, business people, etc. They see their mobile phone as empowering, and keep track of the latest trends, if not lead them. Audience also skews slightly male, and most are in the 22-39 range, although we should not consider existing demographics to be limiting at all.
For the Home page, we believe our audience will have two primary objectives: Download Vlingo, or Explore in Depth. We want to make sure the first group can quickly do so. Thats our primary objective. For those looking to explore, we want to give them easy access to the internal content areas that allow them to do so.
The Download group should be at top of mind for the Transactional Template.
The Explore group for the Informational Template.


We Like These Examples

We like the simplicity and focus on the CTA here: http://www.google.com/mobile/

We like the imagery that quickly communicates what the company is all about here (although we're not looking for something that large on our site):

and we like the cool/iconic feel this one quickly communicates:
http://www.ray-ban.com/usa (first of the rotating images)

We Absolutely Must Have

Must include the Vlingo logo (attached)
Color scheme must fit/compliment the logo. Blues/Oranges/Greys/White/Black is the color palate. What we do not want is a simple re-purposing of the existing site. We prefer that the background be lighter than the current format perhaps a grey foundation supported by the other branded colors. But the current site and logo are good guideposts for what colors are/are not acceptable.
Home Page Design Must Haves:
Single, Easy Call to Action (CTA)
o i.e. Google Mobile, http://www.google.com/mobile/
SEO friendly construction
No heavy Flash usage
CTA must be above the fold
Clean, iconic visual that captures the spirit of the brand and application
o Consider comic-strip-like images of people using/speaking to the app
o We want to convey that its voice-driven, easy, and cool
Navigation to main internal sections
Area for supporting text (for SEO purposes, can be partially below the fold)
Area where we can showcase good quotes/reviews
Area where we can house Blog Highlights
Area at the bottom of the page for FBs Like Button, Share fFunctionality, Find Us functionality, link to Press section
o Placeholders are fine, we will code after design phase
Internal Transaction Page Must Haves:
Breadcrumb links
Single, Easy CTA
SEO friendly construction
No heavy Flash usage
CTA must be above the fold
Space for a simple lead image
Navigation to main internal sections
Area for supporting text (for SEO purposes, can be partially below the fold)
Internal Information Page Must Haves:
Breadcrumb links
SEO friendly construction
Space for embedded video/lead image
CTAs that link to Phones main page
o Do not have to be positioned above the fold
o Primary purpose of these pages is to allow for exploration of information/content, but users should have ability to click to Transactional pages after they have done so
Navigation to main internal sections
Area for supporting text (for SEO purposes, can be partially below the fold)



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