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We are looking for a design for our site. Currently we have a skeleton coded in RoR and we need the finishing touches of a great designer who knows the current looks and feel of todays great social sites. Our main desire is for the overall template and navigation and look of the site but you will be responsible for the design of each of our pages because each page has a unique feature you need to capture in your design. If you are willing to take risks, be creative, and have fun with it then this could be the right project for you. Be original, and be simple.

What is HeyNeybor.com -

Heyneybor.com is a free online portal empowering neighbors. Outside of a job, humans spend a majority of their time at home and in their neighborhoods. With Heyneybor.com neighbors can take an active role in creating and shaping their neighborhood through localized information, communication tools, planning and sharing.

We believe design and user experience are critical to the success of our site. Highest priority! Some of our competitors include www.athomenet.com, yahoo groups, google groups, and www.lifeat.com. HNB is a portal to empower the neighbor and increase neighborhood participation on all levels. Our belief is Improve local, Support local.

"Because the working version is not yet ready for public scrutiny, it is password protected right now. Please read, digitally sign, and submit our standard NDA at http://www.heyneybor.com/NDA.pdf or provided with the proposal ,and private-message me for the specific URL and password if you would like to experience the site and get a taste of what we do, like and are all about. When you do, we take it that you have read and agreed to the NDA: basically, we ask that you not reveal the password and/or mention what this site does to others at all during this upcoming month or so before the alpha-invite is out. We don't mind the crowd see your great designs here at all, as we love the crowd-wisdom part, we just prefer not to get much noise about how cool the site is ;) before the public alpha-invite (you can, however, tell us what you like or dislike about the site and whether we actually suck like elsewhere ;). So thank you for understanding and helping make this an inspired effort." - (thanks OursLive.com for the wording we were looking for)

The HNB user experience needs to cater to the following relationships and interactions:

1) relationship through observation (those who visit the site for interest, entertainment, and resources without contributing content)

2) online relationships (those who communicate and contribute through the HNB platform with others online)

3) online relationships maturing to off line relationships (those who begin online communication and may lead to an off line relationship (workout partner, blind date, service, etc.)

We are looking for someone who understands type, color, proportion, and incorporating distinct style.

Bring us a fine art angle. Bring us great design. Bring us design that communicates a clear purpose. A Design thats friendly, warm, and inviting, yet elegant, modern, and fresh. Bring us a design that feels good.

These are the features offered at HNB that need pages designed:

The landing page will be the "dashboard page" and will include navigation to all of the other features:

To view specific description of the pages within the site, please click on link below

Listed Pages on site


We would like a visual alert (icon) within each feature to show a user that new content was added since the last time they signed in.

We hope to build the site both bottom up and top down. Therefore with time we will be developing an area for management tools.

With all that being said we want the site to be simple and clean. Our intention is to launch the site first, gain information about how people are using the site and develop accordingly; therefore, THERE IS GREAT POTENTIAL FOR FOLLOW UP WORK.

HNB Design Goals:

We love Apple. We love 37signals design and business philosophy. We love graphics, icons more than text. We understand a range of people will be using this site so it must be intuitive. We are not set on a particular color. We appreciate the UPS Whiteboard commercial because of the simplicity, efficiency, and visual communication.

Cool, graphic, easy, SIMPLE

We look forward to all of your submissions and if you have any questions or ideas please feel free to email us.



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