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ZapEvent.com is an online event registration system. We handle the data and credit card transactions for a variety of event types such as marathons, triathlons, bike races, membership dues, conferences, etc. Our overall goal is to provide event directors a simple, easy to use system to handle their registration needs. We are software developers who need some design love.

Current Site: http://www.zapevent.com New Site (in development): http://zapeventdemo.com


ZapEvent is in the process of overhauling its consumer site. We are looking to update the creative side of several areas of our site that need to focus on converting visitors to sign up for our service. At this time, we are not going to change our logo so it will be the basis for the color scheme that permeates throughout the site. There are several aspects to this project. See Our design absolutely must have for all the details.

*Homepage Redesign

*Header and footer Redesign

*Landing Page Template

*Update event page icons


We are targeting small to medium sized organizations and businesses that want to provide their customers with online registration.

It is the event directors that will be coming to the homepage and Information pages and their registrants will be going to the event page. This is very important to understand. Event directors come to ZapEvent.com through search engines, paid search and other advertising. When they run an event, they are sending their customers directly to the event page.


We like simple, clean designs. Doesn't everybody say that? Clutter makes the skin crawl. Think http://getsatisfaction.com/, http://www.campaignmonitor.com/, http://37signals.com


Our logo is not changing at this time. Use it as a basis for the color scheme of your designs but it is ok to play with the colors.

*Homepage: Right now the homepage focus is on event search. That needs to go away. The new mission of the homepage is all about new customers which are event directors looking to find a better event registration service. Homepage is to provide an overview of ZapEvent, answer the basic questions, and get them to sign up. Keep it simple yet laser focused. Sites that we think are doing it well:

http://www.campaignmonitor.com/ , http://highrisehq.com/ , http://colaab.com/Index.aspx

Homepage elements we must have: 1) a get started button 2) Section that simply covers what we are about; an introduction 3) Section that simply outlines our pricing 4) Section or button to view a tour of our tools 5) A featured event section that highlights a few random events that are currently running on the system.

*Header and footer: With the new focus on converting event directors, we need to have two sets of headers and footers (similar yet different):

1) One set for the homepage and supporting informational pages (Event Directors see these pages) Page example: http://zapeventdemo.com/mission.aspx Again, simple is best. We need the logo in the header, a place for event directors to sign in, and a link to search events listed on ZapEvent. Footer needs to at least have the basics terms of use, privacy policy, and copyright.

2) One set for event and registration pages (Registrants see these pages). Page example: http://zapeventdemo.com/ListActivities.a... On those pages, registrants should be notified that registration is powered by ZapEvent (think badge) and given a link to contact the event direct. We like how EventBrite.com does it. Clean, simple, and keeps the registrants focused on registration - we are not trying to get them to sign up as an event director. We want them to register and if they have questions, they can contact the event director. See example: http://retirementplanning.eventbrite.com...

*Landing Page Template: With the new focus on marketing and converting, we need a landing page template for event-type specific pages (marathon, triathlon, reunion, backgammon club, etc) . The template should have the same look and feel as the homepage but be adaptable for hundreds of types of activities. These landing pages will serve as seo rich pages as well as be landing pages for our paid search campaigns. We want one template where we can plug in event type, some content about the event type, a quick overview of ZapEvent, pricing, and a get started button.

*Event Page Icons: Update our current Icon set of 6: (register now, print, email a friend, website, contact, map, weather). The current icons are a bit old school and need to fit with our new look and feel. Space is tight so be creative and make sure the user will understand what it is they represent. Example page: http://zapeventdemo.com/ListActivities.a...



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