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Brainfood is an amazing non-profit organization based in the Nation's Capital. The current website is outdated, difficult to navigate and needs a fresh new design. Please consider helping this deserving charity with your design skills.


Through culinary-related activities, they promote active learning, self-reliance and healthy living to empower youth as resources in their own community.


can be found here: www.brain-food.org

We are looking for a new template with a much simpler user navigation menu. The current site has much redundancy, too many pages, and a complex method for finding basically some simple information about our organization.

Layout requirements:

-same color choices of purple and green

-incorporate the slogan of "cook, eat, learn, serve"

-a simplified navigation menu on left


Who we are

What we do


Contact Us


-larger logo

-simple, clean, sophisticated, modern look. Not childish, but can imply FUN.

Most every page currently found on the website now will need to be found somehow on the new design, so sub-menus, or something similar might be needed to find all the appropriate info. We are looking for smart design that can present all the information we want to share. You dont have to re-build the entire site we have now, but would like to see at least a few subpages and not just a front page template.

The main home page might be a large image of the students working. Also to the right might be a graphic promoting an event or asking for donations. Check out a simple mock up idea here: http://i31.tinypic.com/2prihag.jpg

Looking for basic gifs or jpgs to see thumbnail of concept, but will ultimately need split up images ready for HTML. Ideally will want the HTML code as well, but can discuss the possibility of this after the job. We have limited coding capabilities so any help would be appreciated.

Very excited to see lots of unique design ideas that will help with our web presence. This is a great cause that will truly benefit from an improved site layout to help with fundraising, information about the charity, raising student interest etc.


-Peter (volunteer at Brainfood)



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