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Let me tell you about us.

HearYe.com is a classified ad site. Unlike traditional Internet classified ad sites HearYe.com isnt limited to fixed geographic locations or categories. Advertisers on HearYe.com get to choose a phrase to post their ads under. If you're looking for a rare book, a Flash designer or selling exotic animals you don't want your ad to only be seen by people living near you, you want the whole Internet to see it. Since you get to pick the exact phrase your ad will always be in just the right place. The site itself is designed to be very lightweight, we want users to be able to effortlessly post and read ads.

Here is what we need:

A fully functional version of the site can be viewed at http://hearyecom.appspot.com. We need a web design for all the pages on the site. Ajax is used on the home page and the ad posting page to bring up lists of already used phrases as users type, its important the design accommodate and work well with this Ajax functionality. Its also important that the design work well on all major browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari) and platforms (Windows, Mac).

Our target audience is:

The target audience for HearYe.com is the general Internet audience.

We like these designs:

From a design point of view think clean, readable and accessible, sites like Google or eBay. While Craigslist is an obvious competitor and we admire its minimalism we dont want to be quite that Spartan (but close). Take no design direction from the existing site.

Our design absolutely must have:

The design must support the functionality currently implemented on http://hearyecom.appspot.com. The pages break down into 5 templates:

Home page

Ad posting page

View ad

View list of ads

About us, contact etc. utility page

Things we dont like or don't need for this project or other things to avoid using, doing, seeing, etc.

We dont expect any animation or flash to be part of the design. We want HearYe.com to be lightweight and clean.



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