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National Brain Injury Institute, PLLC (NBII). We are a healthcare firm with a very specific niche -- we see patients who have suffered Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Many of these patients go to the ER/hospital and are given a battery of tests, including Head CT, all of which come back negative. These patients are then discharged. However, they have suffered damage to the microscopic connections in the brain. Thus, over the next few months, they suffer from cogntive dysfunction and decline -- e.g. personality changes, inability to focus, forgetfullness, etc. These patients often lose their jobs and/or their families. They often seek help from Personal Injury (PI) firms, but are turned away b/c all of their traditional medical tests are "negative." Heretofore there has not been a way for them to receive a comprehensive evaluation of their brain/cognitive function, until now. We at NBII offer unique and comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, and management of TBI, even in the face of negative traditional medical testing and imaging. We issue comprehensive and detailed reports by TBI-specialty trained physicians that unequivocally and objectively effectively state that "This person is not crazy, he has very real brain damage." These reports are of tremendous value to PI firms, as they can use them to make a strong case against defendents, and extract millions in lawsuit victories or settlements out of them.


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    Huma Haider, MD - CEO & Medical Director Andrew Gomes, MD - COO

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    Here we would list all the services we offer... Neurobehavioral Status Exam Neuropsych Testing Treatment and Management steps including: Speech Tx Vestibular Tx Neurocog Rehab MRI Diffusion tensor imaging SPECT scan PET scan Pain procedures IV Infusion therapy Stem cell therapy Audiology Caregiver Training

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    Hyperlinks to our online PDF Referral Form, our email address -- info@nationalbii.com, our # 281-769-3906

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Increased inbound referrals for TBI patients sent to us by PI firms -- PI firms who found out about us through our website.

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1. Experts in the evaluation, diagnosis, and management of TBI, 2. Professionals -- in the way we do and run our business, 3. Ethical, to the highest degree


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