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HexiSTOR Data Protection Services, LLC has been providing backup and disaster recovery services to the small and midsize business since 2001.

Hexistors online backup service answers todays backup recovery challenges by leveraging existing server and network infrastructures to securely and efficiently protect servers against data loss. Our ability to immediately move backed up copies of data securely off-site away from any potential site disaster is a key differentiator. Greater security and reliability, and easier, more centralized administration, suggest that online backup is the right choice to protecting their business-critical data.

Hexistor developed a track record of implementing next-generation back up technology to reduced infrastructure cost to build a resilient enterprise to protect our customers from periodic server outages or a catastrophic business disruption.

Hexistor's proven data protection service is built on

Technology innovation

Data protection proof of concept successfully tested in clients backup environment

Data protection delivered as utility

In 2003 we integrated next-generation backup data deduplication technology with the ubiquitous Internet to automate the backup and reduced the cost of traditional tape-based backup. Data duplication copies only the unique data, over an encrypted Internet connection, and stores it as a single instant object on disks at Hexistors secure data centers for complete off-site disaster recovery.

The global data deduplication technology eliminates the unnecessary transmission over the Internet and store of redundant backup data. Deduplication slows the pace of data growth both in the core data centers and at the remote office. These techniques give users the equivalent of full backups in a smaller storage footprint because only new or changed data blocks are encrypted and then backed up and copied to hard disk.

Having less data to backup provides financial benefits.

Less data means disk drives fill up at a slower pace than with file-based full or incremental backup methods.

IT personnel have the option to keep backups on disk for longer periods without incurring financial repercussions as quickly.

You can expect considerable cost savings by devoting less time to remote office backup administration, off-site storage and emergency retrieval costs and tape media management.

An example of deduplication efficiency, we have customers backing up two terabytes of data over an encrypted T1 Internet connection every night.

In 2007 Hexistor launched Rapid Recovery using a patented snapshot technology thats creates a transportable image, including the operating system, applications, databases, and configurations of Individual files and folders, independent of the hardware platform that can be restored directly to and from any virtual or physical environment.

The disk imaging software is flexible and provides many options for creating local backups. For example the backup file you creating can be use for bare metal restore so if a server completely blows up you can get back online running on your to one of your existing server or a new system with different hardware.

We copy the disk image over an Internet connection and store it on disks at our secure carrier-grade data centers for complete off-site disaster recovery.

In 2008 Hexistor partnered with EMC to launch a subscription based data protection solution in a VMware environment that leverages integration of advanced backup technology with the Internet on a subscription basis.

Delivery of data protection as a utility over the Internet eliminates CAPEX allocation for VMware backup hardware, software, and support. You protect your corporate assets while preserving valuable capital for customer acquisition and innovation.

Data deduplication at the VM level reduces the primary data transfer rate from 200% to 2-5% resulting in increased backup efficiency and a 500x bandwidth reduction.


The new website through the use of current color schemes flash animation, multimedia, messaging and interaction techniques should guide the visitor through the web pages replicating the decision process of; needs analysis, problem identification and resolution resulting in a call to action to sign-up for 30 day free test.

Web redesign objectives

1. Illustrate Hexistor's differentiation

a. Experience eight years in providing online backup service

b. Technology innovation through integration of in-house disk image backup and online data protection service with data deep dated deduplication technology

c. Global customer base

d. Superior tech support

2. Navigate visitor to Test Drive page to sign up for free 30 day.

3. Convert website visitors into inquiries, leads, qualified leads

4. Use website data (visitor/traffic stats or advanced analytics) to improve results and better metrics to improve ROI and KPIs

5. Determine if visitors expectations are being met

a. Is the content valuable, are the interactions and offers relevant

b. Are they moving along their buying cycle with my companys solutions in mind

6. Set a financial value for a visit and specific other actions on the site

7. Test some web 2.0 approaches such as user generated content and participation

We want use FrontPage to perform ongoing website maintenance


Our target market is the small and midsize businesses

Small business - 100 or fewer employees with revenues of $500 million and below

Midsize business - 101 to 500 employees with revenues between $500 million and $1 billion

From a back up prospective SMBs are defined as a business with four to 50 servers, fewer than 500 employees, 2-5 technology support staff and one half terabyte (TB) to 2 TB of data storage needs, with key pain points around data protection and recovery. These companies manage their infrastructure with no dedicated storage expertise in-house, but instead with an IT generalist who typically has a budget of less than $20,000 per year to spend on storage products and services. Today approximately 90% of SMBs use tape backup systems.

The midsize business profile is the sweet spot for HexiSTORs online backup service. They are more technical savvy and required less technical support than the small business.













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